Another Amazing Trading Day With No Bottom Confirmed Yet

What a wonderful day on Wall Street once again today! Let’s start off with what I shared with you in the last several videos. You can start off by going to free nightly videos on the Become a Better Trader website.

You can see the most recent video about being at a bottom yet. I told you guys that we weren’t until we can get above the channels. I also wanted to see them become support. Make sure you go back and watch that last video to be sure. Since I made that video for you, we have made lower and lower lows. This is why I didn’t want to be looking for swing longs. I said that I am going to be looking for intraday longs and short side trades.

This is an update to the last video I shot. That was dead on accurate once again! The FOMC today fired off one of my trader rescue package short term buy signals that hit target 2. These don’t move after the fact. They are printed and they stay there. That fired off another short and hit target number 2. Breaking through target two could’ve led to a runaway. That is exactly what happened. We had a quick buy signal as of the time of this. Then we hit target number one and pulled back. We had several great signals firing off. Those were really phenomenal.

These markets continued to offer so many opportunities here. Remember what I have said about these fantastic videos that I have shot for you. This is a traders market here. In this little bit of trading that I was able to get done in the short term I made around 2562 dollars in gross profits.

You remember that I shared with you the Trader Rescue Package with you a few weeks ago. I have shown you some of the things I have accomplished with the Trader Rescue Package over the last couple weeks. If you go to you can sign up! We opened this back up till Friday at Noon Eastern Time. You still get benefits like the scanner and two months access to my insider membership. You guys can get access to the same tool that I have here. This is available for a fraction of the price. The normal price is around $3997. It will be around a quarter of that for a very limited time. Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all of you! This is my gift to you. Hopefully you can take advantage of this opportunity to kick off the New Year right. It will only be available till this Friday at 12:00 ET.

I look forward to seeing you all in the upcoming Live Trading Room or in tomorrow night’s videos!

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