Awesome Market Today And Watch Rob Tomorrow Morning!

Well, hey everyone welcome back! First of all, let me say that we are not really focusing on a lot of other markets-but the one that is putting the most money in my pocket right now is definitely the Stock Index Future and the Stock Indices.  Whether you trading the ETF’s of the Futures, it doesn’t matter there is so much opportunity with them right now.

Just to give you an update of where we are at. For the last several months we have been very bearish negative on Apple and we have talked about those reasons why and if you have been keeping up you know what I am talking about here. Now, you’ll notice that I have been very quiet on Apple for the last few weeks. The big move to the downside was done and really what we are going for now is waiting for the next message from this market. We have tons of resistance above us and in fact, the last time you can see when we popped up there we got killed with the first layer of resistance. We have got a lot of work to do before this could be really be deemed a good buy here without catching a falling knife as so many people found out the hard way on the way down here.

f you remember I pointed out this news article talking about how it was not a good time to sell in the market and that happened right before the market tanked. What we are looking at now is we got this big fast support level and we are holding on to that level for dear life as you can see. What we are looking for now, which is going to be dangerous for Apple, is if we can break down below these lows that we have set over the last month or so. This is real important gang because that ties with the message of the overall market how we are right there on the potential edge of an abyss and now today we locked in distribution bars on the NASDAQ, DOW, RUSSELL and on the S&P. What that means to us is any small move to the upside tomorrow morning could quickly get rejected. It is not going to be until we get above the highs of those bars that we can look at this market more seriously for long side trades.

Come watch me tomorrow morning we will look at this live! I may even be able to get some trading off if I can get the training out in time and look at some markets live with you guys. I did some multiple trades this morning and that was really great stuff. It was nice to have people watch me live and make money in my Live Trading Room. Maybe I will be able to do that in tomorrow’s event which is at 10:00 AM EST.

In the meantime, it is important to know that we have all of this resistance right above us and at the same time don’t forget all of that accumulation support right down below us. Both on the DOW in the short and the big term. On the NASDAQ, which we held those levels for the last two days, we have it very clearly on the RUSSELL here as well, holding on for the last few days for dear life, and we have it on the S&P. We have all of this support that we are holding onto for dear life gang. You can imagine if we get down below there that could lead to some ugly stuff if you are an investor but great for a trader. The only saving grace is that the whole thing would make a lower low in price but the indicators stay higher here.  This becomes a positive divergence and that would be great for a potential long side rebound. If we break down below those lows I am not going to be worried about the rebound until we see evidence of it I am going to be sitting there going hard and fast at this shorts. That is where most of the money has been made. I initially starting out with long side trade this morning on the spikes up but then we focused on shorts for the rest of the day. Great stuff! It is really important that you keep these key support levels in your sights right now.

Don’t forget to join me tomorrow morning at this CLASH OF EXPERTS events! I will be speaking at 10:00 AM EST/9:00 AM CST. You are welcome to join me tomorrow morning. There is a lot of people speaking at this event such as Steve Bigalow, Mike Smith, Hubert Senters, Steve Primo, Todd Gordon and Chuck Huges. I will be speaking right there at that 10:00 AM EST. I would love to have you guys there. Let’s talk through it in the Live Markets! This is a great opportunity to hang out with me and since I haven’t done a live event here in a while since I have been taking care of my Live Trading Room students. You guys have a wonderful night! I look forward to seeing you guys at this event tomorrow morning at 10:00 AM EST. If you can’t make it tomorrow feel free to sign up here and you will receive the recording of the event, otherwise I look forward to having you guys there to cheer me on and answer your questions. Have a wonderful night gang and we will see you with these awesome markets that continue to yield so much fruit and are going to yield so much more in this fantastic election year! Take care everyone! The special update section is where you can sign up for this event.

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