Big Market Moves Are About To Hit And Here Are The Reasons

Welcome back, everyone! What an exciting day! Thanks for being with me at the special event this morning and for all of you who joined in that never-done-before opportunity. Thanks for understanding exactly what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. In the end, all of the things I told you this morning all came to happen in the close today. I warned you about the resistance on the S&P. I talked to you about the resistance on the Russell. I warned you about the resistance on the Dow and warned you about the inside bar resistance on the NASDAQ. We had the resistance on the speed lines on the DAX. Basically, what ended up happening was the Russell would continue to defy the odds but the other ones held back, which dramatically reduces the probability of success. Throughout the morning we saw the nasty whip-saws back and forth as I showed you how lower time frames and higher time frames were in complete disagreement and how that leads to the heavy chop. It can be devastating to a trading account.

In the end, when this is all said and done, the $VIX is still down there at 9.43 and what this is doing is continue to set us up. We have a lot going on now. It’s setting us up for some great trading in the days to come. We have the Senate voting on the healthcare, we’ll see how that turns out. We have the FOMC tomorrow afternoon. What all this means is all sorts of great news to make this market go swirl swirl woosh woosh. I got to review with you several weeks of previous trading and focus in our trading room in this special event that we did this morning. That was really phenomenal. I’m looking forward to working with you.

If for some reason you did not see it, watch this recap video by going to See what we’re doing special this time that we haven’t done before. See why you need to be a part of it for day and swing traders. I’m looking forward to working with you with the volatility over the next few days. We’re going to see if the key resistance levels get broke tomorrow. We have a lot of things in key resistance right now and we have that $VIX at super low levels and the market could have a rip-roaring move to the backside as well. We’ll be focusing on both sides of the fence. We’ll let you know how we did in tomorrow night’s video or go to so you can see live on the screen in front of you for yourself.

Have a great night everyone!

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