[Big moves ahead] Profitable whipsaws today in advance of the next explosion

Well, welcome back everybody I wanted to go ahead and try to simplify this as much as possible for tonight so let me just do that. So, first things first from last week’s close as long as we stay above last week’s close which was right here around the 25,900 level the Dow they are futures As long as you stay at about there I’m really primarily focusing on long side trades mildly. I’ll be much more excited about long side trades once we break above this 26,400- 26,400-26,050 area even more excited above 26,500 26,500 the reason is we got these double accumulation bars back-to-back here and I’d like to see if that’s gonna signal a trend change back into the direction trying to make another attempt at that Dow 27,000 area right now there’s a lot of negativity in the new cycle on that but that’s usually where the best rallies come from so there is certainly plenty to be concerned about out there with Germany potentially on the cusp of recession and so on and so forth so as legitimate things to be on the lookout for and so that’s why we’re also gonna be watching the downside so these levels I just gave you a moment ago are the first things to go ahead and watch. You know be more bearish below there and more bullish above here, okay?

From a weekly chart perspective now on a daily basis there could break that down a little bit more if you take a look at where these these magenta lines are on each of these charts as long as were above those you know I’m much more bullish as well right now the problem is we’re struggling and we did that really heavily today all of the different charts S&P; the Russell the Dow the Nasdaq they’re all inside of these channels or at or inside of the channels are trying to break into the channels or they’re in the channels and struggling and that’s why we’re seeing such the challenge today if you notice every time that market tried to go back up it got slapped back down but if it went down it tried to go back up because overall we were bullish because we’re above those speed lines we had those two big accumulation bars from last week so that sent us into a rally into this morning so the thing is how do you trade something like this, okay? This is really important and so as I’ve been going and putting out there so many trade ideas to our group internally, I was reminded that we have a really big class that we committed to doing for you guys and we’re going to do it here this Thursday where we’re gonna be teaching taking trades because the timing for this is perfect taking trades and using my technical analysis and strategies and combining them with you know superior options trades how to go ahead and do that that’s what we’re going to be focusing on here this Thursday morning. At 12:00 Eastern 11:00 central so if you go to www.becomeabettertrader.com/swing so this is this class is for swing traders, okay?

If you do any sort of swing trading if you hold for a couple of days six to eight weeks plus if you’re going ahead and doing swing trading this class is for you. Even though the same tools and strategies can be used on an intraday basis this is really this whole class is gonna be geared towards swing traders so calling all swing traders come join me here this Thursday at noon eastern 11:00 central you’re not going to want to miss this this is the big class that we promised you at the well 365 Summit and that people have been asking me about frankly for years going ahead and doing this for you on the swing trade basis using my award-winning strategies and then combine it with superior and intensive and incredible option strategies so we’re gonna go ahead and be doing that for you this Thursday noon eastern 11:00 central go to www.becomeabettertrader.com/swing and do that right now so that we can see this Thursday and we’ll follow up because as you can see right now there’s these key levels hold above there’s these key levels to break out above for further laws I’ve already like in my BBT intensive was talking again about a trade that I’d mentioned throughout the year here that went ahead and just performed phenomenally so we we’re talking about that again this morning in my be my three-day BBT intensive class and so you get access some of those secrets and those tips and those tricks that you need to know this Thursday morning you guys have a wonderful night and let’s keep the good things going here with our trading don’t forget those key levels that was mentioned a few minutes ago we’ll see you here in tomorrow night’s video and a Thursday morning special event take care everyone. Bye bye.

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