What A Big Trading Week With Much More To Come!

Welcome back! If you were in our special live trading event Thursday morning, you know the answer to what we focused on Friday morning and how our work and analysis proved to be so valuable once again.

We talked a lot about the VIX and the VIX going into Friday morning, the strategy was as such. We were right around the 1350 level on the VIX. Why that’s so important is you can see that we had a lot of activity around that 1350 for a very long time. That’s going back to earlier this year. The 1350 level kept getting hit over and over again. It finally broke through and went to that magic 12 level, which led to those wonderful rallies. The 1350 became resistance. I was pointing out this morning to our student family how we wouldn’t normally stay at this level very long. At the most 1-4 days before a new move would kick in. We were looking for a big move very quickly because we were already at day three. Boy did we get it. You can blame Jackson Hole or whatever you want to call it. Bottom line, the technical said we were due for a big move. We were focusing on shorts if we were heading toward 15 and longs if we were heading toward 12. Guess what? We had both sides of the fence. It went right up to my magic 15 level and right down to my magic 12 level. For those who came to my live trading event, you got to see this and learn some very important tools. On an intraday basis, we had the champion setups indicator firing off nice and early with a buy side. Then it went and gave pre-warnings for shorts and went full-blown shorts. The rest was history in the mid-afternoon on Friday. Really great stuff. You can see both the buy side and the sell side with conjunction with the VIX activity.

For those of you who are still looking to understand the Champion Setups a little better, we have this special class coming up this Tuesday evening. In the special update section today, look for that and get signed up. That’s the last event that we’re doing. You do not want to miss that.

Another thing that needs to be brought up is that I want to congratulate Alan R. The reason being is Alan is a student since March 8, 2016. He sent in a testimonial in July after he made a gross profit of over $4,000. After he came to private mentorship, after the $5,930 he made Monday through Thursday plus the $1,210 he made on Friday, he grossed $7,140 this week. So the question is, can we help you as well? Not everyone is going to be successful by any stretch of the imagination but a lot of people can. I want to help as many people be successful as possible. I just one my 20th live trading competition earlier this week in San Francisco. If you want to join my live trading room, here’s the way to do it. Go to www.becomeabettertrader.com/20x. As part of your membership, you get an extra two weeks and you get to stay at that low special price as you renew. Great job, Alan! He’s only been with me a handful of months so it’s great to see his progression.

Have a fantastic weekend. We’ll see you at the champion setups event Tuesday night. We’ll see you in the live trading room Monday. Let’s have a great rest of the year. Looking forward to having you guys with me.

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