Bonds, Mastercard and Tomorrow’s Key Levels For Trading

Welcome back everyone!  Today was another choppy and congested days.  We are caught with key resistance above us and key support below us.  We held with the plunge protection team.  We are still holding those areas at this time.

Going into Friday I will not be looking for fresh swing trades.  I will wait till we start getting into next week.  I am going to be looking at today’s highs and lows for key break down or break out areas.  I will long be looking for longs below today’s highs.  I also will not be looking for shorts until we get below today’s lows.  The moves will just be short till we get another move going.

I am looking at the 15708 area on the Bonds.  That is a key daily and weekly chart resistance area.  That is the exact area I want to get above.  Just like we had the big whoosh down, if we could break above that, we could have a big whoosh up.  What went down on air, can potentially go up on air.

Right now I need to see that 132 is going to remain support on Mastercard.  An aggressive swing would be to go long here with a stop loss behind Thursday’s low.  Again that is an aggressive long trade.  I would otherwise like to break above the high from Tuesday to see about a long there.  The stop loss would still be the same from my perspective.  That would be below 132.  It needs to keep up the solid momentum.

Those are some of the key things we are looking at this evening.  I hope to see you guys in the Live Trading Room so we can possibly close the week out strong!  Otherwise I will see you all in the Nightly Videos!

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