Bonds Are Pushing And Rob Is Focusing On Channel Trades Until These Levels Break

Welcome back! This video is being shot intraday. I just wrapped up the last of my trading before I go to a dental appointment. I want to put out a video for you guys since last night I only put a video out for our premium members.

Everything I left off with on the last video has been coming absolutely true. Those of you who are focusing on my work know that we were looking for breakouts of key resistance. We got that breakout this morning with a momentum shift breakout above key resistance. If you’re not already long, you’re probably going to have to wait for a pull back, hold and reset. That’s one of the advantages of being an intraday trader. If you break some of these key areas you can ride the wave. Another advantage in trading futures instead of options or stocks would be the gap feature. If you were following along with the bonds, we had this nice opportunity to break the bonds and go long. At the same time, if you were following with the TLT, the market gapped up and took away a lot of the potential opportunity because it would have caused you to second guess. We would have broken up the previous high. A lot of people once they gap up get nervous because it’s already gone too far too fast. With that being said, at this point if you missed this opportunity, let’s see if we can base at the breakout point and start to take back off or start pushing above the previous highs if we want to be a little more aggressive. What we ended up choosing to do on the intraday basis based on where we’re at at the time is selling the stock index futures. That definitely was the right thing to do for us in the live trading room this morning. Keep in mind that we had the bonds pushing up and the stock indices pushing down. We are still in those major support levels as of the time of this video. I see a lot of accumulation bars in the backdrop. We are still holding these levels. We have a lot of support on the NASDAQ. Right now the DAX is holding on for dear life. The NASDAQ has some more work but some of the other stock indices like the Dow for instance are further downside. I warned you about volatility a few weeks ago so I’ve been focusing on my channel trading strategy rather than the trend trading strategy. It’s a very different strategy as people got to see and watch me close out my trade right before the reversal this morning.

We’re focusing on channel trading still. We have not gotten the breakout/breakdown scenario. There’s a big difference between trend trading and channel trading. Watch out for key further moves if you missed the opportunity to get short on the stock indices or if you missed the opportunity to get long on the TLT. There’s some great levels and great opportunities ahead. Stay tuned for some of the upcoming videos because some of the things we’re talking about are coming true.

Have a great night!

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