Boom Goes NASDAQ Stocks. A Great Follow-up Video For Serious Traders

Welcome back! Let’s talk about a lot of things. First things first, Nasdaq. If you’ve been following my commentary the last few days, Nasdaq was something we’ve been very heavily focused on. Nasdaq did a phenonmenal job today out-performing several other stocks and markets. With that being said, here’s a few things to note for Monday before we pick up on the Nasdaq.

The Dow is at some major resistance here. It’s at approximately the 24,700 major resistance area. Going into next week, we want to get through there. We did just close above a key level here in the Russell today, which is great. Now what I want to see going into next week, can we get above this 1655 area. That will make me feel a lot better about the Russell. The key here is I want to see these markets break through these key areas, which can lead to more stability.

The S&P has a lot of distribution. We had numerous distribution bars buried in here. Now what’s happened is we are right in the middle of the muck. I don’t want us to stall out Monday and roll right back over. I want to see if we can push through these resistance levels, which can lead to more opportunities in the other markets.

Let’s step back and talk about Facebook, Amazon and Netflix. Let’s not forget, it’s a tool you had access too. Why were these important to us in the first place. It’s a tool all of you have access to built for traders and investors by traders and investors for free. It’s This is becoming one of the hottest institutional trader websites to get all kinds of great information in all areas. You have stocks, options, futures, ETFs, forex, precious metals, investing, etc. You also have the Wealth365 Strength Index, which I want to talk about. One of the best ways to use this tool is to click on it, and you’ll look for stocks that have been around the 150 area on this scale that are starting to push up or if you’re looking for shorts, then you’re looking for stocks that are down here and pushing down. On the positive side, I was pointing out some of the different stocks that we just talked about. We saw some of these FANG stocks doing very well and so we told you we would be looking for continuation in those. Sure enough, you can see beautiful continuation in those plays going into today. Again, if you’re looking to find trades on an intraday or end of day basis, you find these stocks that are positioned for the best growth and then look for your favorite signals. I can help with that. This tool can help you each and every day find some of these best plays. Go into the section and click it. If you need a little entertainment along the way, there’s political news and financial news. More and more tools are being added. Go to and start checking it out. Make it the first stop of the day each day. It’s a seven day a week site so enjoy the commentary that comes in over the weekend as well.

Have a great weekend!

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