Swing Trades, Swing Trades, And More Swing Trades!

Okay, welcome back in what an exciting day if you weren’t with us this morning you missed it and you missed it big! One of the biggest events we ever went ahead and did unbelievable feedback some of the best ever, absolutely off the charts incredible! So, we’ll talk more about that in a moment as we go ahead, and we take a look here now today a couple things to focus on. First of all don’t forget that on a weekly basis we are still caught right now and we have been now all week long this is why I’ve been pointing this out. we’re caught through that key resistance level above us, the key support down below us and that’s super important for all of our trades. Day trades, wing trades etc. So, and then we break this down into a daily basis on different stock indices you can see why we’ve got falling resistance on so many of these stock indices but at the same time you got rise in support coming up underneath.

This is a kill zone of the umph degree what does this mean in English? It means we’re getting ready for another big move and I’m excited because that’s where the biggest opportunities come. Speaking of opportunities here, so we go ahead and you know back off if you recall earlier this year I’ve always told you guys go to wealth365.com we have a full time financial news site there and we have a lot of original content as well and we had an article written on Microsoft, sorry, McDonald’s a while back ago here and at that time we talked about how the stock was at 194 we talked about analyst expectations we talked about menu changes and how they were trying to revitalize themselves we talked about the technical reasons you know that with the positive divergence and that you know this was looking good well you know and then we take a look at this from an intraday and from weekly in a daily perspective and obviously my institutional indicators were going gangbusters! We had throttling all the different things that you know, like, and love about my indicators and then of course during that special swing trading class today I was showing how to put all that together that you know things like those great articles things like those your great indications mind and then I taught you the free strategy you guys could take away with you today to go ahead and add into you know that whole process here so everybody had takeaways from this incredible event that we had today and it’s so I said, there are great stock picking options right now in my opinion they just have to be done with options and so we laid it out for you very clearly today why and how it all has to be done with options right now and it was just phenomenal and absolutely incredible event if for any reason you had to miss it, oh my gosh, do not miss this Saturday we’re gonna do an encore live presentation we’re gonna come back live answer more questions we were there for hours today going ahead and answering different questions for people it was just an unbelievable event like I said super incredible feedback so if you had to miss it go to www.becomeabettertrader.com/swing right now become a get signed up join us this Saturday morning at 7 a.m. Pacific 9 a.m. central 10 o’clock Eastern.

We are going to do a live encore event, not a recording, it’s a live encore event so that you guys could come back bring your super awesome questions see what the big buzz is about see why this is so exciting. You guys been asking about my swing trades for years and now you’re getting full double dose you know it was worth the wait and people saw it and what a phenomenal event and gave some great free information for people to take away tied it in with all these incredible moves that are happening with the market, things I’ve taught you, added new things in and bringing it all together really nicely for you. So go to www.becomeabettertrader.com/swing right now to get signed up for Saturday morning 10 o’clock Eastern 9 o’clock central and 7 o’clock Pacific you cannot afford to miss this incredible event, alright? I’ll look forward to seeing you there and happy trading we’re still in those levels I told you on the weekly charts we caught the kills on the daily charts everything I’ve been telling you is absolutely true we wrote articles on stocks like McDonald’s and then look what happened to McDonald’s and that so many great things happening right now I can’t wait to see a Saturday morning. www.becomeabettertrader.com/swing have a great night gang, we’ll see you there. Bye-bye!

Rob’s Key Markets To Watch Over The Holiday Trading Sessions

Welcome back. I know a lot of you are on trading vacation right now and rightfully so for the average trader. But for those of you that are die-hards and are looking for trades in this timeframe, I want to let you know what I’m focusing on going in to Monday and my thoughts here with the markets as they are.

First things first, as we look at the Euro we see in the euro, no doubt about it, I am looking at the 1.2180. That is my 80/20 rule and that is also where the Euro has been sitting for about 3 days, with Friday’s trading session closing there. If we get down below the 12180 area, it would be nice to see if we get a push down to 12100 or beyond. Just remember if that happens in overnight trading, especially during the holidays, just keep the trailing stops tight from my perspective.

The next thing I am looking at is Crude Oil. How could I not look at Crude Oil. It has been a key instrument I have been focusing on, even as I was wrapping up trading before Christmas it was a major focus. So, as we’re looking at Crude Oil, right now I want to get above these recent highs in the 5900 area. These distribution bars. Or I want to get below the accumulation bar in the 5380 area. I’m looking to break down here for much lower lows or break out up above here for some short-term retracement buy side highs.

As we’re taking a look at the Stock Index futures, here’s the deal, 3 out of 4 of the Stock Index futures have these negative divergences taking place on key tools that I use that have accurately highlighted reversals many times over the course of this year. So here we are we’re coming up on this “with air” type move during the holiday with holiday lightened trade. We’re making these big fat negative divergences here. We’re making higher highs on price but much lower lows on the indications. Typically that is responsible for roll-overs. As you can imagine, I am staying very close to the vest at this point on any long side trades and we saw, even Friday afternoon, how quickly some of the stock index futures came off with some air in the last half hour or so. Very quick to fall at this point when they want to. Going to be keeping stops tight on the long side and on the short side looking for us to break down below the daily speed lines because there is a lot of room for air even back to the rising 20 period moving average, so there is a lot of air down below us. Right now, I’ll look for long side trades but the moments we start crossing over the fast speedlines, I am going to be backing off of that and then looking to see if we can get down below the slow speedlines for short side trades.

Two other things I want to make sure I remind you of. For all of you who recently got my Two Favorite Setups Course, we always like to under commit and over-deliver and this is no different,. What we did was made a special unannounced bonus and on Monday December 29th at 8:00PM ET, I am going to be answering any and all follow up questions you may have because I threw a lot of important information at you so I want give you a chance to ask any follow up questions. I’m going to be showing you more tips and tricks for using these setups with indicators you already have and I’m going to be show you more real world examples of these setups and how I use them to make a great and profitable year. I’m really looking forward to doing that. That is for all of you who got the Two Setup Course during the recent promotion we did so we want t take good care of you.

Also, don’t forget, many of you also made a donation so you get 25% off most BBT products and services. We want to make sure you take advantage of that between now and December 31, this Wednesday at noon CT, 1:00 ET. So, call us or email us to take advantage of that for all of you who donated money. If you haven’t donated, you can still do that right now. It’s a great way to get huge savings on some of my products and services and take care of St. Jude as well. We are already at about 50% goal for 2015 we wanted to raise $20,000 and we are right at about $10,000 so we will help you if you help us help St. Jude. So, make your donation and send your receipt to support@becomeabettertrader.com to collect 25%off of the goodies we have. So, do that and do it now and thanks for your generous donations to St. Jude’s. So, those 2 things, we’ll see you Monday night or we’l be working to get you great products and services to kick off 2015 right. And we want to wish you a safe and happy holiday season. Take care everyone.

Key Markets That Worked Last Week, And Those About To Move

Okay gang welcome back. Let’s go ahead and take a look at several markets from Friday afternoon. First things first as we look at the Euro. The Euro continues to prove that 12280 level looking for a breakdown through that level for further downside. That’s the only kind of trade I’m willing to take on that. I’m not one to take these long side trades, which I keep saying to you, because you can see what happens every time we hit that down trending channel we get killed off again so short side is the only side for me at this point.

As we take a look at Gold, it did not get above our 1215 buy point today so no trade there. We will follow into next week seeing if it breaks down below the channel for some short side trades here or gets back above the 1215.

Crude oil was going to be a tough sell literally during this 66 to 64 area, and that continues to be the case. It kind of played in that area back and forth, and continues to be the case. Very powerful with my inventory retracement bar strategy.

As we take a look at the stock index futures here, we walked in the door this morning with a mixed bag of nuts at 8:45 a.m. CST I said look, we have two of these markets the NASDAQ and the S&P that are down. The RUSSELL and the DOW were up. We basically said that was going to lead us to a really tough market today. Sure enough as we continued into this session here, that continued to happen over and over and you can see this was this morning’s snapshot here where the S&P was at that time, and now we look where the S&P is going into the afternoon here. You can see its right back there as well. So no change basically on the S&P more or less for the day. We saw that right from the get-go this morning. It’s really great to tell as a trader as whether you should be there or not be there. It gives us great flexibility with our analysis. So as we go ahead and take a look at a few other markets of choice.

Let’s take a look at the Japanese Yen, I’ve commented on this repeatedly the last several months so we won’t’ spend too much time on it besides that it’s a swing sell from my perspective. We’re well below the channels until we get above the speed lines for a speed line 20 trade. For intraday traders it’s a little harder if you are in the U.S. Trading Session. It’s a harder instrument to sell typically from a swing trade perspective though it’s a better, more fantastic instrument to swing trade if you are patient because it can be like watching paint dry intraday. The swing trades have been fantastic ever since we started talking about this back over here, and even us touching on it in the more recent videos as well.

The British Pound I want to see if we can break down below these relative lows for further downside. The 15580 level is that key level I’m looking to basically break down below. We’re sitting right now at that level so we’ll have to see if that offers up opportunities into next week.

The bonds if you recall we were looking for a breakout above the green channel here and we went ahead to grab that and had a couple of days with some nice upswing to it. Then after the holiday the market started to give some of that back. That’s why I always encourage you guys to trail trades as you know and of course lock in profits before holidays because these kinds of things happen. So very consistent in that message and that analysis.

If we take a look at the DAX we had a nice retracement back up, but the whole thing stayed within my inventory retracement bar here from yesterday and it’s a big fat inside bar so there’s nothing to do with the DAX here yet, and we want to see if we’re going to break out above the highs or break down below the lows here, before doing anything with the DAX.

One other things. I sent you all an email on Friday and you probably will be seeing other emails. We have a lot of great speakers coming up for an event next Saturday December 13th. You have Manesh from Ichimoku Cloud, myself, Dr. Adrian Manz, you have Hubert Senters who’s going to give you a great presentation there, and of course Jeff Gibby at MetaStock who’s sponsoring this event as well. They’re going to show you some really great stuff. We’re going to have a really great event and if you want to learn from Ichimoku Cloud and use some of these forecaster tools at MetaStock, learn from Dr. Adrian Manz who is a great guy and will show you some neat opening range stuff, and of course Hubert who is always entertaining and educational going to give you great information. There is also myself which I’m going to share information from the Las Vegas Traders Expo that I went ahead and was fortunate enough to win again here in Las Vegas a few weeks ago and how I used some of the strategies I presented to you before to you in a different light so it will be a very interesting presentation. If you go to the link on the web page in the email and go ahead to sign up for that. It’s going to be a lot of fun. We look forward to seeing you at the event. You have a wonderful weekend. We will see you Monday morning in the Live Trading Room or later that evening in the nightly videos. Thank you everyone. Take care.


Key Markets Rob Is Looking At Now

Ok gang, welcome back. Let’s take a look at some updates from last night and how they’re progressing into today.

First thing’s first, the Euro and you’ll recall last night I said, listen, I’d like to see short side opportunities if we get down below the 1.2280 level but not if it breaks through that level during the news release this morning. Sure enough, the only time it attempted to break the 1.2280, where it fell to the 1.2277 level was right in the middle of the 8:30 AM ET news announcement. Consequently, it just touched that level and then spiked right back up there all the way into the approximately 1.2450 at one point. So you can see how important it is to understand why, when, and how to trade breakouts and breakdowns and usually it is not during the initial news releases.

As we take a look at Gold, we are still looking for a breakout. I’d like to get above the 1215 level and see if I can get some long side activity there. We’ve been consolidating for the last 3 days, inside bar activity in relation to the big bar back here. It’s kind of coiling up and we are looking to see if it can get above that 1215 area for a long side trade.

Crude Oil continues to be one that I am looking for further movement from. We have been very bearish on the downward trend on this whole thing. Looking at fresh breakout levels and breakdown levels for new moves, we keep getting those. Currently, what I am looking for, because of this big wide range bar, I’d actually like to see us slow down and back off and actually push back up and start to look for a long side trade, back above the 6800 level for a move back to the downtrend so it’s up to around the 7200. I’d like to do that trade next, if possible. Now, trades are available to the short side between 6600 and 6400. The problem is that with the Inventory retracement bar over here, we really have too much evidence that people are trying to buy there and that can make it a really hard earned amount of money on the down side. So, what happens is, as you are pushing down you get these big retracements back that stop you out of your trades before they continue on and with the average retail trader stop on an intraday basis being 12-20 ticks, that is a lot of risk. Otherwise, if you are not willing to keep stops tight and wait for pull0-backs on an intraday basis before taking a trade, the next best move will be looking for a breakdown of the 60 dollar area down, breaks the inventory retracement bar and the momentum shift bar. So, that’s the next thing I would be looking for there.

Great stuff with eh Stock Index futures coming out. Our trading this morning focused on the Stock Index futures, which was great. As we look to the stock index futures next, remember what I said to you. We’ve got this split decision between the fast triggers on the daily charts and the core triggers. Now, we’ve said, what the real key is do we start breaking back above on the fast triggers or do we start selling down on the core triggers? Today the Russell actually went magenta. Not the other three yet. They were close, but not yet magenta. We are going to watching that really close tomorrow, if I see any real signs of selling tomorrow morning, I am going to be an active participant. We’re already, more or less right into the speed lines, just above them. The way we open tomorrow may be right into them. We are looking for a pull down right below that area for short side opportunities. At the same time, if we do strengthen these speed lines and develop intraday long side trends, I will be looking for intraday longs at that point.

One other thing to note on the Stock Index Futures as well as we look at the DAX. With the DAX, we’re struggling to get some long term resistance that I want to make sure people are aware of because I have been asked about the DAX a lot. We do have lot of resistance in the backdrop. Another thing I want you to note, on the weekly basis on the DAX, take a look at this. What we have is, equal to or higher prices in the DAX over the course of the year, but yet we’re seeing our indications making lower and lower lows. This kind of negative divergence we see over and over again. In fact, you’ll recall it was earlier this year that I alerted all of you in these very same videos that we’re getting this negative divergence for the first time in 18 months. I pointed it out to you not just on the fast trigger but on the core trigger. And of course that let to us not seeing those highs again and led to some pretty healthy sell offs as we went through this year. It is some pretty good stuff if you really look at it. So, I wanted to alert people to keep an eye on the DAX as well.

I’m looking forward to seeing you tomorrow morning in the Live Trading Room and looking forward to seeing you in this weekend videos as well. Stay tuned, we have some really great events for you coming up in the coming weeks. So stay tuned each night for the update here so you can be a part of these big events. Take care everyone.

Enjoy This Extended Free Trading Video From Rob Tonight

Welcome back gang. As we take a look this evening let’s look at the Euro. Over the last several weeks in the archives we had a lot to say about the Euro in the last several weeks, both breakdown points and even as we were getting retracements in this area and these areas as well. So we’re not going to be focusing on those long-side trades until such time until we broke back above the channel, because something powerful like this channel in the Euro can have a great affect. For those who were getting excited even when we had the positive divergence over here, if you recall I’m like well that’s great but I’m still not going to take the long until we get above the channel. So the focus was on short side and short side only trading. Now where we are is we continue to see after all that discussion for the last couple of months where are we? We’re at new relative lows over the last several months. Pretty great stuff. As we go into the next couple of days watch out, I think we have some ECV announcements tomorrow morning, but basically what I’m looking for outside of that actual news release, where I don’t want to be trading in the middle of, I’m looking for fresh shorts down below the 12280 level. If it happens right during the discussion level there is too much risk of a snapback and retracement, but as we go into the overnight session and the announcements in tomorrow’s session if we can stay below that 12280 level we will be looking for short side trades there.

Let’s take a look at gold. Gold right now had this rapid sharp movement, it was in this consolidation I presented to you last week. We had a nice move to the downside, which was quite large. In this holiday trading we had this push back up. After a move like this I would like to see spike to the downside and move right back up. I would actually like to see follow through right back up. We still have some major resistance a few hundred ticks away from us. So we were actually following along with that this morning as we traded in the live trading room, but it didn’t materialize, we ended up focusing on stock index futures long side trades. The goal was very close on the radar, so we’ll be watching for further opportunities. If it dipped back down into the channel I’m not going to be interested so if it falls right back into this channel here I’m not going to be interested in taking a trade there. It’s just not going to be a trade there. It’s just too much of a 50/50 trade there. It could spike anytime and the risk reward isn’t that great. Long side trades are a bust on gold is what I’ll be looking for.

Taking a look at crude oil here. What can I say I’ve been talking about this for several months in these videos you’ve heard me say the same thing is bearish on crude oil? Over and over again we’ve been holding the channels to the downside here. For the first time in quite a while have gone sell side back in July on a core trigger, not just my fast trigger, which had a razor burn sell signal over here. The first time you had double sell signals and just basically we are setting out milestones that I want to break. If you go back to the archive videos and see the proof is in the pudding. What I say generally happens, and as we take a look over and over again this continues to break down sharply. Beyond my original expectations I went ahead and put out revised expectations on that. We kept meeting/exceeding each one of those which was great. Now we’ve had a big move on Friday of last week. What we’re looking for now is in this downside between 66 and 64 shorts in there, if you take straight trades in there you have to watch for whip saws back in there. What I want to see is if the speed lines are going to open up down near the price tomorrow. I’d actually like to see a speed line down to 20 back over here. So in other words what will happen in the speed lines move down and try to get above there and look for long side trades? Especially if we can push above those speed lines and start to rally back up again. That would definitely be a trade I would like to take in the short term.

Now to take a look at Japanese Yen is another one I’ve been talking to you about this for months and months. We’ve actually looked for 20 speed line trades on that, but it doesn’t get through, but doesn’t hold above the speed line at all. As you recall I mentioned something extraordinary to you about the Japanese Yen which has become a part of history at this point. We mentioned that this is the weekly chart and my indicators were flat for months. When this breaks out or breaks down its going to be a huge move so it started to break from the downside and from that point on it was all about fresh short side entries. That continues to go ahead and be the case as we’re sitting here near these lows. Nothing has changed with that at this time, I’m not going to really fully disband the short side thinking on this until we can start getting back above that channel there. So in the short term retracement rallies are going to be met with short side activity from my perspective.

The British Pound we’re kind of holding that key level I’ve been showing you for the past month basically this was a key level and we got a break and are continuing to sit at that level a year later, and will continue to work time and time again. Until we get down below this 15580 level I’m not really interested in doing anything. If we hit that 15580 level I’m not really interested in doing anything but if we get down below that level we will see some differences in price on the British Pound as well.

Finally with the stock index futures they were of course the focus of today in the Live Trading Room. The trading I did was long side trading. Right now this is the story. I expect a lot of volatility all the way into the New Year, which if you recall I said that this summer as well and then look what happened. We had massive amounts of volatility the last couple of months and so we’ve got a lot of great stuff going on and that’s going to continue for us as we go into the New Year. It’s a great time to be a trader as I have mentioned. Here is what I’m really looking at is we have kind of a split decision and this is important for you to understand. On the fast triggers we have this magenta blue magenta which normally foretells lower prices. At the same time we’re still holding on for dear life on the core triggers as blue here. Even the RUSSELL went back to blue on the core trigger today and we’re staying blue on the others. This is important because I want you to see what needs to happen here. Either the RUSSELL needs to break out to these downtrends here, these magenta blue magenta negative moves need to resolve themselves by breaking back out here and going back blue. Then you have the underlying structure and the short term structure going blue and that could lead to much higher prices. Or what could happen is this core trigger could start to roll over now. As you see over you get these negative divergences like we have right now in the fast trigger versus the core trigger notice what happens here when the core trigger ended up losing the battle to the fast trigger we ended up having much lower prices and huge retracements down in the market. Down from a capital preservation/market timing perspective you’d much rather be getting out up here than down here as the market is falling a thousand points. That’s why it is so important to understand that we really want to see what’s going to happen. Will the fast trigger start to actually push back up in prices and push back up into the core trigger or is the core trigger finally caving which could lead to much lower prices. So that’s where we’re at and that’s what we’re watching right now on the RUSSELL but I’m all for the stock index futures together. That’s going to be the key theme for the next several days because those will be affecting our swing trades as well. If we can get those fast triggers going out with the core triggers then we have a whole new opportunity to the upside if the core trigger however succumbs to the fast trigger then this market could be due for its next rollover. That’s the best part about being a trader is you make great decisions in the short immediate term and you can use this work. Nonetheless, great stuff going on with the market and what’s going on with the great year. In the summer I said it was going to be a great back half of the year and its proving to be the case. Please keep your comments, suggestions, and ideas coming into us. We look forward to seeing you either tomorrow morning in the live trading room or tomorrow night in the nightly newsletter videos.

Did You Hear? Rob Hoffman Won ANOTHER Trading Competition!

Welcome back everyone. Hey listen, I want to thank all of you who came all the way out to Las Vegas from all over the world. We had people coming from as far as Denmark, Belgium, Brussels, China, and several people came to speak with me from Beijing and asked me to come speak with them and I appreciate them coming all the way out to speak with me. Everywhere around the world we had people coming to this wonderful international expo in Las Vegas. It was just a fantastic event. We were excited and were able to go ahead and win the trading challenge again. I want to go ahead and thank my competitor who traveled from all the way from overseas to trade against me. Great competitor who traded several shares of stocks, he owns prop firms in London, Israel, and even right here in Florida. He has quite a vast experience and is an author of a book and so forth. I appreciate him coming to the United States to trade fiercely against me. I want to thank all of you who came out so early in the morning to be a part of that special event. A lot of people were sitting there in this very large room. People were piling in from all over the place to watch this big competition between us. Great stuff to see so thank you. Thank you all who came out to our special events and paid events that were sponsored by Money Show and our free events. Of course I want to thank my awesome staff including these two young guys who are two of the newest members of my team, Bobby and Mikey. Of course they took really good care of you including my lovely wife Sarah so thank you. Really great time and great event to see so many of you.

If we take a look at the markets here. A couple of things that relate to the Euro, same story different week. We are still in this downtrend on the Euro channel so I’m not interested in the long side trades. I don’t look to trade these long side trades up, I actually look for shorts back to the downside. Until we get back to the top of the channel that is going to remain the case.

Also right now gold is in a tight wound up position here. We have lots of falling resistance coming down and rising support underneath us where we call that a kill zone. We are just in a tight space whipping back and forth here. Until we break down or break down out of that area we will not be looking at any trades. We are looking above this inventory retracement bar right here or looking below these double tail areas right here to the downside. The more aggressive trade would be to break below the low of this and take a trade, but we would be better off with a short under here. You can see we are coiling up in that kill zone here looking for a break out.

As we take a look at crude oil, we talked about that this morning. There was too much resistance overhead. We had the down trending resistance coming down on top of us, and we were 50% or more off from the highs of the inventory retracement bars there aka the distribution bars above us so we aren’t looking much to the upside. So we are looking to the speed lines maybe break down below the 7480 level then maybe we’ll look for some shorts back down below otherwise we want to get above this inventory retracement bar here for any long side trading and that would be short lived with tighter stops to the upside.

As we look to the stock index futures this was quite a story today. We have a double distribution area in the Russell and the NASDAQ so we’ve got distribution heavily on two of those that held. We also have two more distribution bars walking in the door. The DOW was very weak and offered up a second distribution bar today as you can say, 45% off the high and today notice that we close right below our distribution in the NASDAQ. Meanwhile at the Russell ranch we had completely stayed below the S&P as well. You can imagine gang the story is we need to break all four of those to the upside to look for fresh long side trades to see if we start selling into tomorrow’s session. If we feel the break there’s that much inventory up above and we start bringing this down then I’ll be looking for some shorts in the rising speed lines. As we approach them though I will back off from any shorts at that point. You know because we prefer to be long above the speed lines, because that means we have to break above these key distribution areas.

As we take a look at a couple more markets the Japanese Yen we continue to be in a death spiral. I showed you before a pattern with my indicators that only comes along once every very distant blue moon and sure enough that created for some amazing moves to the downside since then. We either have a speed line continuation trade back to the 20 or we have a break down below this inventory retracement bar, and at that point I’d rather break down below the 8380 level for any fresh shorting. Get below this inventory retracement bar and this 80/20 rule for shorts. We’ve had 2 failed attempts to get above the speed lines, so if we can get above there we will see retracement back towards the 20.

The British pound continues to hold my key support level that I’ve identified in my past videos and unless we get down below this inventory retracement bar or above this other inventory retracement bar then I will be done with that.

The bond continues to hold above this major level that I’ve been telling you about for weeks. Once we broke this level before we had a major pop to the upside which had a nice news announcement with it. After that we rolled back into the speed lines and I said this is done as far as I’m concerned until we get above this bar again. Right now today’s high was right there again and you can see numerous touches along the way as this continues to hold this down so until we get back above this high side here we won’t see any further bond trades. A lot of great stuff working the way we wanted it to. Vegas was great and so was the trading challenge. I just used the same great strategies to win the trading challenge as well. Even though my competitor made a lot of trades with large shares I waited for minutes until I even took a trade. I was able to go ahead and win from that. Really fantastic stuff and I appreciate all of you that made the Las Vegas Traders Expo event from all over the world. You all have a fantastic night. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow morning in the Live Trading Room or tomorrow night in the videos.

Excitement With AAPL And This Stock Market Ahead Of Elections

Welcome back gang. Before we get into this, tomorrow I jump on a flight to London, so this is your last chance to be a part of the two events in London. It starts off Thursday night where we have a really great session set up that evening. I’m looking forward to really helping you guys. One note about that particular event is its going to be in the university and once you register you are going to get all of the details. It is free but you have to register. I would recommend doing that as soon as possible because they only have 140 spots open for that event. The fire marshal for the university is quite strict and we have been warned that they will be doing a head count and will be very diligent about that process. What that means is once you register you need to make sure that you are one of the first 140 people in the building. I’m sorry that there is nothing I can do. Normally with my students I can work around different things for you, but this particular event they’ve warned me that it will be very strictly enforced for the 140 people. For all of my student family I just want to let you know to get there and get there early. Just go ahead and register for that event at becomeabettertrader.com/London check your email tonight. This special update section will be in your email. Then on Friday and Saturday I have multiple speaking events and Live Trading Events. I have some back to back events for you as well. It will be a great time to get some trading education at my sessions starting Thursday and moving from Friday going right into Saturday.

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Tonight let’s start off with the stock index futures. I meant to talk about those on Friday and we gave you a text update for the weekend video because I forgot to mention because really is was as steady as she went. We employed those strategies and focused on the long side because we opened up and stayed above the speed lines here. So it was long side trading only being the focus on Friday morning. This morning it was the same kind of concept. Now the thing about today though is we took a slightly different spin on this. The NASDAQ opened very strong, however the DOW, Russell, and S&P were basically doji stars all morning long. There was very little going on. This is a real problem if you can’t get the Russell which has been the leader to go ahead and go along with this party then this NASDAQ is likely to fail and that is what it did. It ultimately came back and was at its high then came back down to make a doji star. Everything went ahead and pulled back later into the session. Now a lot of this rally I think is in part born from not only the relief rally and the short covering here, but the optimism that the Republicans are going to go ahead and take more control of House and Senate seats in this election here. So goes the theory regardless to your politics you just have to look at it for what it is and say “Hey! That’s another thing that could be causing some of this great bullishness off these previous lows.” Of course from my perspective I mentioned to you, because a lot of people were asking me about swing shorts here at these major support levels. The Russell was at major monthly support, we talked about the DOW and the NASDAQ, everything had major support so I wasn’t interested in the swing shorts as you recall by getting short down here. I was very active on the short side down here through this process as you recall, but I did that more on a short term basis here. Not a swing trading basis. Now as we’re looking at this 1 thing I wanted to point out is that if the Republicans do go ahead and take more control of some things, be careful that we don’t necessarily jump in right away for a long side trade. We’re going to let that pan out a little bit because the whole buy the sell the fat kind of concept the pulls have been coming in showing Republicans should gain seats so the markets had its chance to start rallying in advance. Once the news comes out the market may still actually pull back and if there is a surprise or upset if you will based on market lore. Then the Democrats actually gain more seats then this could actually cause quite the stir and pullback here based on traditional market analysis. Again forget the politics for a minute while we focus on the folk lore for a minute here. We’re trying to get to the chase of what it means to us to make money in these markets.

Going into the next day or two we’re going to see if we get buy the room or sell the fat. Net process for though over the next couple of days, as long as we’re above those speed lines my primary focal point will be to see if I can go ahead and identify fresh long side trades. We get down below those speed lines and the Russell agrees with getting down below those speed lines as well in addition with stock index futures then I will be looking for those shorts. It’s that straight forward. If we go ahead and look at a couple other markets here today.

Since this video is getting a little long let me cut to the chase. Bonds are still sitting in this kill one and we still have that falling resistance from my speed lines, the rising support underneath. So we’re still undecided and it came right down here into this area. It’s kind of a watch zone where it bounced right back up into that kill zone. Nothing is going to be decided right now, we might have to wait til after elections to get more information on this.

Crude Oil  is at a major support level now crude oil and even surpassed my initial expectations which was at about the 85.00 area and its gone ahead and kept on giving , the gift that keeps on giving down to the lower end here. With that being a pleasant surprise this is one of those great that I was not only right, but I also surpassed my expectations. As we look right now 78 to 80 is a key support level and will be watching this area very closely going back all the way to 2012 all the way back over here to see if we can break down below that. We might even see 75 and even 70 quite possibly. Be keeping an eye on that if we get some sort of continuation. We are pretty overdone in the short term here. So watch out for some retracement rallies and some relief rallies there. I think election politics may play into that as well.

As far as Apple is concerned. Apple is one that I normally reserve for my student member premium swing trading videos, but I will talk more about this now. If we get above the 104 level, which is the level I spoke about a few weeks ago. I laid this trade out for you and break above the 104 level with my target being 110. We reached that objective in the Live Trading Room. I told people from my perspective if you look at the way I trade and the analysis I have on this. Obviously everyone is responsible for their own trades, but if you want to hear my thoughts and want to hear what I’m doing then. So that was not a very bad swing trade idea for you here within this free trading video.

I’d like to see us pull back and then we’ll look to see if we can get some fresh buying opportunities in advance of the elections and everything else with this pattern where we kind of jump up and have several smaller bars then the jump up again today it was kind of what we call a KOBO kick off blow off. I would prefer because it kind of exhausted itself into that area to see if e can get a pullback in that area next. I’m tying a lot of my accounts up together, but it worked very well. With that being said again do not forget we have some really great opportunities for you guys to go ahead and be with me in the coming days in London and also in Las Vegas where you can learn to apply these different things, right there live directly with me, and that’s whether you are a day trader or a swing trader.

Make sure to check in this email tonight you should check out the links to my events so you can join me in one of those two events. This is one of my biggest and best events I’ve put on there besides my mentorships and events I do for my students in the Live Trading Room. I look forward to seeing you all in the Live Trading Room in the morning or in the videos tomorrow evening before I head to London. Thank you everyone and take care.

More Great Trading Today! Will Friday Be An Encore?

Okay gang, welcome back! Well I told you there was going to be more activity today, and boy, was there ever! What a way to go into the afternoon, even for myself, firing off multiple trades as this Market came tumbling down. Starting off with the Euro, this morning, which was really nice, the Euro got down below that 13000 level. We’ve got to be a little bit careful since it was a one-day phenomenon, so it could have a retracement back up there, and I’m going to be watching that going into tomorrow. But, the fact that the Euro broke through that round-number support, in the middle of the trading session and got to my 80/20 rule, so it got down below the 12980 level. That was a big deal. We normally don’t do that during the U.S. Session. That is a phenomenon that happens mostly during the European Session. 99.5 times out of 10 that’s not going to happen, so that was a big deal. That caused us to really focus on the Euro in the Live Trading Room this morning, so going into tomorrow and beyond, I’m going to see if we can repeat some these great movements we had to the downside. Previously when we got through, here is the 130000 level, and in the past, that level has been a key resistance level going into the last several years, as you can see. But then, it was also a key support. And once that key support was broken we had some really nice nose-dives through that level, so this is something that I have focused on a lot over the past few years when those would happen. Well, so here we are, trying to get to that level again. And as you can imagine, cyclically speaking, we’re really due for that type of moves down, as you can see, the spacing of these different cycles, this has happened before. So, we’re kind of due, timing-wise, from a cyclical perspective. So, I’d love to see this drop down here, offering up lots of shorts. Back in 2010, the first 8 months of 2010, I did an incredible amount of Euro trading, there, and I’d love to do some more with that, and like I said, that was a focal point in the Live Trading Room this morning, as well, of course.

Beyond that, the other thing I’m going to be focusing on is the Stock Index Futures, and certainly, that was the flavor of the afternoon, right up until shortly after 2:30pm CST, so that final 30 minutes is when the portfolio re-balancing takes place, when you get moves like that today. Typically after that 2:30pm CST, you’ll start to see those retracements. But, what was nice was, initially it pushed up, we couldn’t really get through the resistance and the distribution levels I identified. Remember, we had my inventory retracement bars, and I realized I hadn’t even been telling everybody, but I’ll get you guys the information. I just published an article in the largest trading magazine in the world on that, the inventory retracement bars. I’ll get you guys the information so you can read that article. People have been loving it that read it and I forgot to tell everybody about it, but it’s a pretty big deal. We’re using that strategy daily in the Live Trading Room, and we used it again today. We got caught in those inventory retracement bars, here, from yesterday, rolled right over, died a horrible death, leading into some great shorting in the afternoon right up until the 2:30 CST time.

As we go into tomorrow, you can see, once again, we’re right back at it as we’re whipping back and forth here. More of these doji-star type patterns showing up on the Dow, inventory retracement bars. I told you yesterday that the issue was we were going to have the resistance up above, but we were also going to have the support down below on these inventory retracement bars. You can see, we got stuck in those different levels that I drew for you yesterday, right into today. Just really awesome stuff the way we navigated that this morning, and then went right into the afternoon, firing off multiple trades until the final 30 minutes, there, as this Markets was having a nice sell-down So, great day. Expect more of this great activity to come, just like I was telling you in last night’s video, and we will look forward to seeing each and every one of you in the Live Trading Room tomorrow morning, or we’ll see in tomorrow night’s videos. Take care everyone!

Nice Trading Today And More To Come Tomorrow

Ok gang welcome back well, what an exciting day here let’s go ahead and take a look at a handful of instruments, what we’re looking at going into tomorrow as well. Let’s actually start off with the DAX tonight, (I didn’t want to forget) I wanted to start including the DAX a little bit more in our briefings here since there are several of you that do go ahead and look at European markets and rightfully so. You know they were a global company here so as we take a look here, my first thought is that I’d like to, (at this point if we’re going to go up) get above this 9700. We had this inventory retracement bar we’re down 50% off the highs on the day and consequently for further upside, I’d really like to get through the multitude of resistance here; we’ve got long term resistance there and round number resistance so 9700 is what I’d like to break for a long side trade.

As far as a short side trade here, there’s a lot of support right down below us here so at this point it would actually be a little bit better to short the American stock index futures. If we start to pull down tomorrow, rather than this because there’s just too much support underneath here so I’d actually favor long side on the DAX above 9700, or we’ll look at the stock index futures next.

With the stock index futures on the US side I’d like to go ahead and see if we can get some continuation into tomorrow. This was great stuff for the trading room this morning, we initially we had pushed up in the early hours, of course and then as we got into the regular session we began to pull back. As we started to have Apple cut a little bit deeper of a wound there, we went ahead and took ahead advantage of that and started shorting the downside so I got multiple shorts off and that led to the basically best trading for us in the morning; with that being said, as we look for continuation love to see follow through on this tomorrow.

The key is we’ve got a lot of the accumulation these inventory retracement bars with them being on the accumulation side right below. As we take a look let’s just highlight those so this is the NASDAQ, this right here is the DOW, and you can see we have multitude layers of them there’s like three of them back-to-back there so a whole bunch that support holding us right in here. Then as we go and look back a little bit deeper like on the Russell, you can see we have a double accumulation right back here so we’re right just hair above that. Then you can see on the S&P we got multiple layers of it as well, what does this mean? It means that even early on if we do go ahead and get selling into tomorrow morning to open we’re going to have to go and keep those stops kind of tight because there is a lot of accumulation in here that is holding us up as you can see these inventory retracement bars really important to note those.

To get me more excited, I’d like to break down below those but that’s going to take a little bit of effort, so in the meantime I don’t want to not short kind of like today I went ahead and shorted anyway I just went ahead and made sure that I managed the stops accordingly and trailed them so that I didn’t give that profit back; that’s going to be something we’re going to be looking at going into tomorrow as we’re starting to kind of unwind these whipsaws and tails, (lots of tails, back and forth, back and forth). We’ll see if the ECB announcement helps that in any way shape or from tomorrow, or Apple continues to go ahead help back whatever may be the case.

As far as a couple of things I want go ahead and note tonight, let’s take a look here at a couple of the stocks that we’ve gone and recommended recently in the swing trading video in markets they’re doing really great as far as my identification of these and what was to come from these, (really great stuff), but remember it’s always important to trail these trades up. I can’t emphasize that enough, you need to trail them because what you don’t want to have happen especially in a situation with the bonds, (for instance, we kind of talked about that last night).

From my prospective, I was talking to the bond traders in the room and it’s like look you know we’re almost to the resistance here and then on top of that the you know we’ve only got a little bit of space left to roll. Here we’re going into a three day weekend, and there’s only a little bit of profit left for the objective. While we’re all responsible for our own trades, I teach you the absolute best information I can give you each and every day and in the end of the day it’s up to you to make the decision you want to go ahead and make. A lot of people though, he did that warning that hey you know three day weekend with very little room for growth vs. the initial entry vs room for growth here so locking in for the weekend and of course those people were laughing all the way to the bank as we came into Tuesday with quite a sell down.

Same thing here Apple, you know we talked about Apple, Apple has been something we’d been trading on the options side and then given my swing trading video as well as then looking for the break above 100 for a long, same thing you trail it up you trail up that profit so that you don’t get caught in a situation like this where then you’re giving back all those profits. It just goes on and on, GILD here, Gilead scientist, same thing. This thing is been going nothing, but straight up but for all of you that went ahead and got into that, that are apart of swing trading news clutter, same concept you want to keep trailing up. Why would you want to give back all that profit you know on this? It baffles my mind looking at that over the years look at what I’ve done right, what I’ve done wrong, what I could do better, and clearly for my perspective, trailing the trade ends up being the kind of the best mix of trying to let a trade run but going ahead make sure the winner doesn’t turn into a loser; that’s something I learned years ago now because my biggest loss, my trading career actually came from going ahead and having a really a nice winner on the board only to watch it become a loser in the middle of a Bernanke speech. If I were to trail the trade, it would’ve been a profit from the get-go, so go figure.

With that being said, I’ve applied that to the trading and the swing trading and option side of things with a great deal more success from my perspective. Hope that goes ahead and helps kind of keep some of these great ideas that we’ve been presenting in those videos in proportion to avoid giving those profits back like on those bonds or like Apple, there’s no reason if you’re trailing that up that any of that would happen to you. Keep that in mind as an opportunity to learn and grow from as well. Look forward to seeing each and every one of you in our live trading room tomorrow morning or in tomorrow night’s videos here with more great ideas. Take care everyone, have a great evening, bye bye.