Champion Strategies Coming Together In A Perfect Storm. More Excitement Ahead!

Okay, welcome back everybody! Well, listen, what an exciting day and this all comes back home to roost from the things we’ve been telling you about, you know, I hate to be a broken record but it’s the only way to go ahead and really bring back the things we’ve said in advance and then with what happened then afterwards. So, people say can you identify what’s gonna happen can you get a feel for what’s going to happen and so on and so forth and of course we went ahead and been telling you about the negative divergence, the types of trades Ziad and I have been really kicking it up in the trading room there. Had another day in the live trading room where he did that we’ve talked a lot about these negative divergences. We’ve also talked about coronavirus, we’ve talked about socialism so there’s a lot of things that we’ve been telling you, “hey you combine socialism with the Coronavirus that’s spreading and the all the implications with each of those two factors plus a market that was already ready with its own excuses because of the negative divergence” That’s what we’ve been telling you, that’s all you need. You need a market price for perfection with the negative divergence. All you needed then was the catalysts and we had it with the situation with Bernie Sanders here the other day and the Coronavirus over the weekend, having eye-popping numbers in some countries such as Italy calling into question even I have upcoming speaking engagements over there and I’m not sure that I’m gonna be able to go there now quite literally. So there’s a lot of problems out there that this can interfere with commerce and things getting done – I’ll probably have to remote in to try to go ahead and do my presentations and such but you know the thing is that you see all the ways we can get interference we’ve seen the screenshots today on the news you know about how China is doing some pretty drastic measures to deal with their situation and you know if that comes to a theater near you you know people aren’t going to be very happy. So, in the end, the fuse was lit and the thing took off here to the downside that opened up some really great opportunities and we’ll talk about the options side of this here in a moment as well how we dealt with that last week leading up to this. So what ended up happening, of course, we had the big gap down on the S&P the SPY here and then that led to some really phenomenal markets coming into the morning.

Now, this also goes back to a concept I’ve taught you before how to use the indicator so identify the turns in the market. You had throttling back here, you had the sell-side indicators, all the dots you needed for sell-side and so that led to a nice down market, but then we come into the US Open and I told you a lot of times, “Whatever happened in the overnight sessions strongly can get quickly reversed”. So, sure enough that did go ahead and open up a opportunity here with the positive divergence then and the US Open. So, people come in, they hear about this horrible stuff going on on the news and they’re like “Oh my gosh! Look at this! I got to get short.” and then the market opens turns right around and pops up goes the opposite way leaving actually long side trading opportunities. People got to see us in live trade doing long side trades and short side trades both today with these strategies, you know the ITP is just phenomenal and things I’ve been telling you about in advance came to roost it also went ahead and played very much into last week. We put out a trade alert on Gold last week. Gold the stock, it was beautiful the WSI was phenomenal on it. I told you guys all you on WealthCharts, look at those WSIs, some really incredible tools there and you can search and everything else with the WSI, my different market classes and everything else. So, it fired off a really great trading opportunity there. So, we went ahead and fired off an alert say no and of course the market tore up from there so really great stuff and now it’s as you could see it’s throttling once again here leading to just this incredible move. So these indicators, these tools, these things we’ve talked about the last couple weeks leading up to it, how we are looking at on an intraday basis, how are we looking at a swing trade basis, all these things have come home to roost in a perfect storm today. It’s just a follow-on to what we’ve been doing and if you were in the live trading room watching us trade this morning you watched myself make money, you watched Ziad make money.

If you go ahead and join us for tomorrow night we’re gonna show you – it’s kind of a culmination of my life’s work, it’s how we put this in together on both intraday basis for day trading and also the swing basis for our stock and options traders that hold for more longer periods of time. So, this is gonna be a powerful presentation here tomorrow night you can go to what I’m looking at right now is for this market – I’m gonna be watching very closely what happens with these channels now. If we stay below these channels for a couple of days and make this resistance that could bode very well for extended moves to the downside which I’ll be keeping an eye open for. So we can see if we can find some more trades like this going on into some different markets that’s on both on an intraday basis and a swing basis if we immediately can recover and get back up above the channel like we kind of have in the past here then that leads to further long sides for right now no fresh long side trades for a swing basis until we can get back up above those channels at a minimum. So, we’ll have a lot more to talk about there minutes in fact maybe we can even talk about it during the class tomorrow night. It’ll be a live class it’s not pre-recorded so it’s gonna be an extended class, so, bring your questions, bring your popcorn, bring your food, bring your drinks because we’re gonna have a big session tomorrow night. It’s a culmination of my life’s work. This is only the second time we’ve ever actually gone ahead and done this. We did it in December and now we’re going to do it here, so, take advantage of this very special class where we put all these things together I’ve been telling you about in advance and then did it live on the screen in front of people here just this morning again and then of course the options learnt last week there as well. So, phenomenal times. So, gang we’ll see you tomorrow night at this special session – it’s Tuesday 7:00 p.m. Eastern go to let’s just make it a great rest of the year together. Take care everyone. I’ll see you tomorrow night! Bye-bye!

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