This One Chart Says It All About The Direction Of Market Volatility To Come

Welcome back everyone!  Let’s take a look at the all-important question ahead of us from a volatility perspective.  Everyone is asking if now a good time to buy volatility is.

From my personal perspective the answer is yes.  I cannot give anyone out there individual investment advice.  However, for me personally, the history and charts all say the same thing.  It says that buying volatility at these levels is the way to go.

You can see the story for yourself.  We don’t get down here very seldom.  When we do get down there, we still have big popups.  Those are usually around 50% to a 100%.  The last time that we were down this low, there were massive rejection.  There were also huge volatility spikes.  Even if it goes back up into this area, that is 100% retracement.

Right now I am going to be a buyer of volatility.  The history charts from the last decade show that I can be correct.  Take a hard and close look at the CBOE chart.  You will all see what I am seeing tonight.

The story is about the VIX.  Notice how many times the market did spike up in the last year.  When that starts taking off to the upside, history shows what happens.

It is going to be a fantastic 2018.  Don’t forget to sign up at  We are only 10 days away from the largest online stock, trading, investment, real estate, and entrepreneurship.  You guys have a great night!

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