[Check this out] Rob killed it in today’s market volatility… to the tune of 12K+ gross profit

Welcome back! I told you that below the speedlines we wanted to focus on shorting aggressively and until we get back up above these channels, I’m not interested in anything more than an intraday trade as far as the longside. Right now, the primary focus is short down below and every once in a while you get those powerful bounces. Moving on to today, it allowed me to gross over $12,000.

Before we walked in the door, we had these great Trader Rescue Package signals that were breaking through what we call the target 2. When we break through target 2, we look for runaways. I taught all of you inventory retracement bars and reverse inventory retracement bars. All these different entries and reentries. How many times today did we have that stochastic trade including the full spikes, M Pattern sells, hockey stick sells, etc. We had two things going for us. We had TRP firing off relentlessly. If you miss one of those initial signals and miss the reentries and are not familiar with the IRBs and Reverse IRBs, then the ITP constantly reminds you of whether we have it or we don’t from my perspective. Whenever we have those double dots, that’s one of the strategies that tells you if we have it or we don’t. There were lots of entry and reentry opportunities all day today.

If you’re not familiar with the strategies like the Reverse IRB, IRB and how to use these different things, join me this upcoming Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Obviously, these are powerful tools that I’m using. Go to www.becomeabettertrader.com/insider. You can do one of two things. It’s a 3 day intensive class where I’m teaching different strategies. You can either join the BBT Insider membership, which so many people are on and we do these quarterly 3 day intensives that are part of your membership for $197/month or you can pay for the event for just access to the 3 day intensive for 3 Day Intensive for $497 (one-time fee) and you’ll get the recordings from this event. Some people don’t like to be part of a regular group of successful and budding traders. They want to just come in and do their thing. You’ll come in for a one-time thing for $497 or you can become part of a regular more meaningful group for $197. Go to www.becomeabettertrader.com/insider right now.

Let’s refresh these different strategies both on the with-trend side and reverse trend. I’m not counter-trend trading- there’s a difference. Learn some great skills and enjoy this. Let’s celebrate our successes. Hopefully my $12,000 gross profit means that others made some good money too. I look forward to seeing you in the 3 day intensive next week so go to www.becomeabettertrader.com/insider.

Have a great night!

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