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Hi everyone! This video was created on 12-19-2019. Now that the holidays are over, we are catching up on uploading videos. Enjoy!

Okay, welcome back, everybody! Well, listen, as you guys know in video after video here I’ve been telling you especially as long as we stay above the speed lines here I’m very bullish and then as long as we stay above the channels here even pull backs are fresh buying opportunities here with things like this with like the crush trades and the, what we call, “three door trades”. So, the reality is, this all comes from you know these strategies that I’ve shared with you year, over year, over year, and what’s happening with these US stock indices they’re still in this melt-up phase we’re at nearly Dow 28,500, so, we’re almost halfway now to that 30,000 goal and I said we could hit if we broke through that 27,000 I said if we get about that 27,000 I said nobody’s gonna go ahead and believe it – they’re gonna sit there kind of stunned and paralyzed on the side doing absolutely nothing even though my indicators were showing time and time again the buy-side opportunities. Let’s go ahead and take a look at that now because for all of you that came to my Tuesday night event we went through what makes up all this and now here we are again I showed you, as of Tuesday night, where we were Monday and Tuesday and I’m sorry we canceled tonight’s event we postponed it now to this Saturday. It was gonna be a three-part event because people were waiting all year for this public event but the reality is we had so many people with our student family now that joined us we always take care of our existing student family members first and so we went ahead and are still doing that after the other night’s big event.

So, the focus is going in to take care of them first and so we’ll do another follow-up event for you here this Saturday morning at 9 o’clock central 10 o’clock Eastern but if you take a look here, so, first of all I showed you even in the video the other night you know how my ITP indicators continue to go ahead and fire off longs you can see we started off we had the pro RT type dots, we had the single green dots, we had the double green dots, double Momentums, and the triggers all firing off here and that’s after their original fire off back prior to that. Then I talked to you about what’s happening with the hourly charts. Well, guess what? We went in and we had the Pro RT dots, champion setup dots, we have the double dots firing off and then off to the races, right? So, coming into this it was full speed ahead on the hourly charts and what did I say? Then we want to go down to the lower timeframes. Well, guess what? The 15-minute charts were throttling double Momentum’s the double green dots – everything. So then, what does that mean? Things like the stochastic spike trades – phenomenal reentry opportunities. Bring it right down to the lowest timeframes you get look for the single dots and the double green dots looking for continuation. Even here again at the very end of the day let’s go ahead and bring it up where we are at the very end of the day and we were in and firing off here we were again into the end of the day we had throttling taking place, double green dots, double momentum. What are we looking for? Continuation move. Here we are in post trading hours on the future still going ahead and climbing here with all these incredible ITP signals. Again, this is a culmination of my life’s work. It’s why we went ahead and did that special three plus hour event on Tuesday evening painstakingly going through all these different things and here we are continuing to see them both on the daily basis, which I talked to you about extensively the other evening, I showed you a lot of weekly charts, daily charts, and intraday charts, and then of course, have all broke down to then how we bring it into the tighter timeframes and then here we are even at the end of the day all the opportunities that brought because of the hourly charts and the daily charts with where they are at.

So, all this stuff that I taught you here continuing to come full circle as a culmination of my life’s work. So, you know again, unfortunately, tonight’s event that we were going to do has been postponed until Saturday morning. For all of you that had to miss it or all of you that want to come back to it go ahead and join us a Saturday morning at 10 o’clock Eastern, 9:00 o’clock central, 7 a.m. Pacific time and go to this is the only other time here- it’s been a year – we’ve never done it publicly it’s been a year since I did it privately we’ve never done it publicly. So, we did it Tuesday night publicly for the first time ever and again, it was so incredibly well-received. We went ahead and are still taking care of those student family members and I always take care of my existing student family first so we’re gonna do it one more time Saturday morning, whatever your plans were, try to find a way around them, so you can be with us 10 o’clock Eastern 9 o’clock central 7 o’clock Pacific. This is the last time this year and there will not be a recording. So, join us at for your last chances here to go ahead and get access to – literally the culmination of my life’s work, alright? So, I’ll see you guys at Saturday morning. Take care everyone. We’ll see you there. Bye-bye!

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