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Welcome back! It was another down day on Wallstreet. The Dow pulled up a little bit out of its nosedive but generally overall it was a down day as we’re struggling to hold some key support levels. The big issue here is we have the negative divergences putting sell pressure on us along with the massive 15 month resistance level that I’ve identified for you here on the Dow combined with an opposing force on the rising support. This is leading to great day trading and swing trading opportunities. But what I’m finding is that some people are struggling to identify what’s what. We have a couple of different things. For everybody who is a Wealth365 VIP member, we have an exclusive event with 10x international day and swing trading champion Davide Biocchi. He is going to be doing a very special event for Wealth365 VIP members. I’ve also convinced him to do a public event and that’s going to take place on Friday at noon ET. He has a special multi-hour event doing an advanced trading for Wealth365 VIP members tomorrow but he’s offered to do a follow-up event on Friday for BBT members. That will be a little bit smaller and not as in-depth but it will give you more trading strategies as a day trader and a swing trader. Because there’s so much to share with you with the opportunities on an intraday basis as well as swing trading basis, we want to lay some of those out for you so you can see my perspectives and also Davide’s. It’s going to be phenomenal.

Go to right now to sign up for this special event. It will give you access to the special Friday event that you can see. It will give you some great tips and strategies and I’ll give some follow-up commentary as well to better prepare for trading these day and swing trading markets with these key levels. It’s an individual stock pickers market. Let us show you more about that this coming Friday at noon ET. Go to right now to sign up for Friday’s event. We’ll give you a lot more detail during that special event on what to be looking for.

We’ll see you Friday at that special event with Davide!

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