Dead On Market Analysis Again: In Advance As Always! Want More?

Welcome back! What an exciting day on Wall Street. As we kick off, think about something I’ve told you in previous videos about watching Goldman Sachs. We can’t have a situation where the market continues to go up and Goldman Sachs goes down. That typically is not going to happen. What you can see here is Goldman Sachs started going down several days ago. It went from the uptrend and the buy side and institutional buy signals to institutional sells. It’s been dying a horrible death ever since then. If you were expecting and betting on the longside, that’s going to be the first strike against you. Take some of those things you learned in those other videos from me and continue to apply them.

In the last video I shared with you, I shared this drawing with you. This is what you need to think about because it’s all coming home to roost. We had a situation where nothing could really dent the market. Any type of dead news was being deflected and wasn’t really an issue. Then we had the FOMC come out. Initially the FOMC is a small detractor and the market is free to rally on. The problem is you suddenly combine new internet taxes and stocks like Amazon today got killed. There will be a lot of people who will have to spend a lot of money to keep up with the new tax rules. It’s a time and resource drain. Now, you add in the trade wars escalating. I told you if this happens, watch out because we’re going to be coming down. The market just can’t absorb any more hits. When you start increasing taxes and interest rates then add in the trade war, it’s too much for the market to handle. There’s what I drew and there’s what’s happening. Now we’re seeing the tail end. With that being said, the FOMC we can’t take back. Really the only thing now we have is the trade war as well civil discourse. That has a negative impact as well on a societal basis. There’s a lot going on there. Certainly the third nail in the coffin is this trade war piece. We’ll have to watch it very carefully in the days to come. If these major support levels that are being challenged fail to hold, initially what you’d expect statistically is some sort of a dead cat bounce at a minimum if not a full recovery and reversal. Since there’s fundamental pieces to this pie with all these other countries getting together to come up with their own deals, then you can expect lower lows. As you can see on the Dow, there’s a lot of room to grow to the downside if this continues. We’re going to be watching this very closely and we’ll have more to say about that in the videos to come.

Another place to check for this information as well as other living legends like Ralph Acampora. You can watch this great video from Kevin Harrington from Shark Tank. There are people from Forbes, who is also a sponsor. There are a lot of real-money traders like Linda Raschke. I’ll be speaking at this sharing how I won the trading competitions. Go get yourself signed up by going to I’ll be there sharing my wisdom. There are over 80 speakers. It’s right around the corner.

Have a great night! I’ll see you in the live trading room tomorrow morning, tomorrow night’s videos and the upcoming summit.

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