Deja Vu: Rob’s Trading Ideas For Tomorrow

Welcome back, gang. Let’s do a marathon run on a handful of instruments. First things first – Euro. The Euro continues to fail this channel that is so important to me right now. So, as far as I’m considered, I’m going to continue to search for short side trades on this. No particular level that we have to get down below at this point for a short. Any sign of intraday shorting, entry signals, I’m going to be taking a look at those.

As far as Gold is concerned, Gold has some work to do. I do want this to get down below today’s low. I want to get down below this 1180 level – the same level that I gave you yesterday. That is going to continue to be important to me. We have some real work to do to get me excited about the long, we have to be above 1220 for that. But 1180 for the short side and we will see how that goes going into tomorrow.

In regards to Crude Oil, we have the Inventory Report coming out tomorrow morning of course. Lots to focus on in the Middle East. Right now, bottom line is if we open up tomorrow morning below the current levels around the 4750 area, I will be focusing on short side trades up until about an hour or before the Inventory Report comes out there at 10:30 ET. Otherwise, we will back off and look for trades afterwards. But I want 4750 on the short side there, otherwise I like a two bar close above the 50 level to be looking for any sort of swing longs in this. But I will look for day trade longs above the 50 level.

Bond, I’ve pretty well been staying away from this one. Haven’t gotten any new entry opportunities from my perspective in the last couple of days. The reason being, you will notice that we are really stuck between my speed lines. In fact, the open and closes in the last couple of days have been right there in my speed lines – that is a very dangerous place to be. You can expect a lot of whipsaws in that area and that is just not going to work.

Next, we look at the DAX. The DAX is a little weak here with this whole magenta-blue-magenta pattern. So, if we start opening up below the speed lines tomorrow morning, I would be interested in potential some short-term shorting opportunities. Especially if we tie that in with the US Stock Market. We’ve got a real interested split decision on the US Stock Market that we need to focus on here this evening.

As we take a look at the Stock Index Futures, basically the way I played this today, was earlier this morning, we had opened up, trading down, and came back well off those lows, almost ot the highs of the day this morning on the NASDAQ, DOW, and the S&P. So, I actually focused on long side trading in the Live Trading Room this morning on the Russell. That worked and was profitable. But then the three other Stock Index Futures started getting weak, so I backed off the long side trades. Good thing I did because we ended up having some selling there. As we go into tomorrow, you can see that we are actually very weak on the NASDAQ where we are sitting on the bottom end of the channel, along as with the DOW and S&P. But here we have the Russell being extremely strong, above the top end of this channel, and the speed lines in 50% off the high on the day – extraordinarily different opinions on these four indices. We have one that is extremely strong and three that are extremely weak. So, this is going to be a big decision that I am going to be focusing on tomorrow that could lead to some great trading opportunities. Will the 3 start to jettison back towards the 1 and the Russell start taking off to lead to some more fantastic trading like the last couple of days. OR will the Russell finally start to fall out of bed, break down below this Hoffman Inventory Retracement Bar, and really start to sell hard, and the rest of these just become great intra-day selling opportunities.

Nonetheless, the swing trade ideas that I put out last night, spiked up over 3% today. We talked more about that in the swing trading alerts that you guys received from me in the app today. For all of you that have my app – you guys got the great alerts and the follow up to that today. Let’s talk about one that we do talk about publicly in the regular videos – Apple. I continue to get asked about Apple over and over again. If you recall, in the last couple of weeks, I have said that I am really not interested in Apple at this point. Part of that is because we have a loss of market energy. Like I have said, where I like to take this, using my work, getting a lot of blue indications firing off and that is where I am going to get the best signals taking place. You’ll notice that we have had all of this magenta, 1 blue, and a lot of magenta again. That is just not good and conducive for any sort of follow-through to the long side. So even when we had this little pop here, I still wasn’t going to buy Apple. We are going to wait until we can line up another one of these buyer ramp-ups. That is usually where we are going to get the most powerful moves on Apple. So, while Apple continues to struggle, I put out those great trade alerts through the app for those of you have signed up for the swing trading newsletters and alerts. Like I said, today’s pick was up as much as 3% intra-day there.

Let’s keep doing what we are doing. Remember what we said about a lot of different instruments, a lot of break down and break out points on a lot of them going into tomorrow. So, I expect some really great trading going into the morning. You all have a great night. I look forward to seeing you in the Live Trading Room tomorrow morning or in tomorrow night’s videos. Take care everyone.

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