Final TSLA Update From Previous Videos And Where The Trades Are Coming From Right Now, Like Today

Welcome back! This video is being shot mid-day after we just got done with that special Champion Setups live trading event. Boy, was that exciting for all of you who joined. I showed you places where not to trade and where to put trades on. I did it live on the screen in front of you managing targets basically to the tick. Awesome stuff this morning. Thanks for being the world’s greatest students and for being a part of that. It was very special to say the least.

Let’s take a look at other things that we need to know at this point. My focus is on long-side preference today. We are still above the speed lines. The caveat that we have here is that we are in distribution bars. I warned people right off the bat that it would lead to some chop here this morning. You can see the Russell, the S&P, Dow and NASDAQ all had key resistance levels. The DAX had its own key resistance to contend with. With the support under us but the resistance above us, we were in for some chop to say the least. We navigated around that to find the best trading opportunities thereafter.

Let’s take a look at a couple of key instruments now for the upcoming days. If you’re looking at TSLA, you’ve likely been stopped out with your profit on this trade after we talked about this. We held that key band of support that we’ve been looking for. If you’ve been following along in the live trading room, you know that we were very bullish on this. We were looking for a potential move to 336. As I mentioned in previous videos, I did alert you from my perspective, now is the time to trail up the profits on TSLA. Likely you are stopped out with your profit by now on that particular rebound trade.

Let’s move on to what else is hot and what we can be focusing on in days to come now that that equity opportunity has come to pass for now. Bonds are right back down to key support. Remember what I keep telling you. Bonds are very technically driven. We’re hitting key resistance levels. We’re looking to see if we can make the 152 level a resistance level. In which case we could see much lower lows multiple handles to the downside. I will be looking for shorting at that point should we start to push back down through this 152. At the same time, I will look for long-side trades back up to 153.15 area but that’s about it. Right now, there’s way too much resistance for the moment. We’d have to clear the 154.10 area before getting much more excited about bigger moves at that time. Bonds do have some intermittent opportunities.

A lot of people have been talking about gold, which usually means something is going to fall under pressure. When everyone tells you to buy, that usually means to back off. We’ve seen a lot of gold bugs out there, which has led to some serious pressure. We do have a lower low in price than recently. It’s a slight positive divergence. The way I’m going to look at this, especially with the accumulation bars down below. I’d prefer at this point to see a retracement trade back up and get above the institutional bars right up above. This is not going to be a barn burner. This is not multi-week swing positions. These are just short-term trading opportunities back to key support resistance levels. We’re trying to find some meat in the middle to play before the next big trade opportunity comes with gold.

Crude oil as you guys saw for all of you who have Champion Setups. I was focusing on long-side trades. I’m getting more aggressive with long-side trades if we can get above the 4650 area. If we can get above 4650, then I’ll be looking for moves that could go to 48 or beyond. That will be a good opportunity there.

On the Euro, we have some negative divergences. 115 is definitely a mid-point resistance between 110 and 120. There’s a mid-point resistance factor. You’ve seen a lot of highs, closes, opens near those levels and still failing. You also have a clear cut negative divergence there as well. 115 is definitely the level to beat. It could lead to an outstanding move to 120 or higher. That could be a really great opportunity and we’ll keep an eye out for that. In the room, I was looking to see if there is a short-side trade but the key institutional levels were too choppy going against each other. It’s better to move on and look for some other instruments. Right now, the big play would be looking for 115 to become support and look for a bigger move there. It’s one of the bigger opportunities on the board right now.

We’ll look forward to seeing you in the live trading room tomorrow morning or in the weekend videos. Have a great night!

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