Did You Follow Rob’s Strategies Today? Here’s What He Did!

Okay gang, exciting stuff today. Thanks for the great feedback this morning. Thanks to all of you who joined our student family today. Great to talk with you all about the trading competition and answering all of your questions. As we’re going into tonight, we still have are going to get back to trading but I have been talking to so many new student family members. As we take a look here with the euro thats holding above that round number support level, I shared that key strategy with people in a reminder this morning how important those round numbers are going into the US session. Going to look to see if we can get through that $1.25 80 before we’re worried about another short-side trade here. As far as gold is concerned, it’s sitting right here between my accumulation and distribution inventory retracement bars. Here is accumulation 1 and distribution 1, there are a couple up here. With that said we are holding in that area right now, just above those areas and seeing if we can break down below yesterday’s low before I worry about doing anything else here. This might turn into a positive divergence and might start moving up. It has to move my way or the highway on that one. As far as crude oil this morning, we had people specifically wanting to go long on it, but I said I could not because we had falling resistance on this hourly chart, falling resistance on the daily chart and it could stop and roll right back over again and that’s exactly what it did.

Of course on the Russell we did a little bit of trading with the group this morning, obviously there were a lot of trades yesterday morning as we had this initial downdraft. Today we did a little bit of trading during the special public event. It’s always harder managing a lot of different things going on, but we did pretty well, still managed to get some positive trading. The one thing I left people with this morning was we have to get down below the inventory retracement bar, it’s a fantastic strategy. It was written in one of the largest traders magazines in the world. I continue to use it in my live trading room, and even in my competitions. I told people this morning we needed to get through this area and it will leave some great shorting. We started out smaller this morning and continued to increase through the numerous trades. I was able to go ahead and get with this process as we continued on. Here we were everything we talked about in the live trading room came absolutely true again today. We also went ahead and made a great offer to go ahead and join our live trading room. We had some people that recorded the webinar and watched it after they got back and we’re very concerned that they weren’t able to take advantage of the offer.

There was a guy that mentioned he’s going to be traveling a lot between Thanksgiving and Christmas and we’re close on the week of Christmas anyways. Anyone that joins today will get 4 months including all of these different bonuses for $797 USD. That’s a huge offer and is very cool for anyone looking to get trading education. You get the Day Trading Set-Ups and Swing Trade Alerts videos nightly. What we did when we got the call back it made us aware of a lot of people who really wanted to be a part of this and couldn’t stay the whole time so anybody that joins here today is going to get the access to the extra month of the Quarterly Live Trading Room. You will be set all the way through the month of January. This is great for anyone who’s going to be gone during the holidays.

What we said was going to happen came absolutely true. We needed to break through the inventory retracement bar and got us to the tune of a small profit and gross profit of $1530 so be a part of this live trading room. You’re not going to want to miss the rest of this year. It’s going to be incredible. Go to the website of www.becomeabettertrader.com/ltr or you can call our office at (847) 235-6131 to sign up for this offer.

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