Goldman Sachs Update Video Tonight

Welcome back everyone!  Let’s take a look at Goldman Sachs!

I warned you about this key level in the Nightly Videos.  It is continuing to pose a great deal of stress.  We are back down around 10 dollars off that level.  So goes the market, so goes Goldman Sachs.  The markets have been under a great deal of pressure the past couple days.  We are seeing identical pressure inside of Goldman Sachs.  I am taking a couple things I have shared with you before and am tying it all together.

Goldman Sachs is a main resistance level going back into the first quarter of the year.  We need to get back above the 255 level, push through it, show that the resistance is now support, and start to take back off again.  That could give more opportunity for it to go much high.  It can also allow the market to go much higher as a whole.  We want to see both of these things take place to feel confident in a real market move.

This is a short update video to share that.  Congratulations to everyone who joined the very special Live Trading Room offer!  Don’t forget these key concepts here.  There are much known resistance levels.  We will keep watching that 255 level!  I will see everyone in the Live Trading Room or tomorrow night’s videos.

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