Great Live Trading Today. So Now What Actions Do We Take And What To Watch Next?

Welcome back everyone! Thank you all for spending several wonderful days with us last week and into the weekend. There are more strategies and setups going on.

We had good news all weekend long. We heard about President Trump’s and China’s news about pausing the trading acts. Spending is the top word of the moment. It is a delayed reaction if things don’t get better.

We heard about this good news all weekend long. Everyone always knows the good news. It is much harder to get a runway. It is not like right before the U.S. Open a big great piece of news comes and not as many people hear about it. The market then gaps up and there could be a runaway gap up with that.

There are a couple key things that we will be watching. We are at major resistance levels on a couple of the key indices. The S&P is right at the 2817 major resistance levels. The 1564 area is major on the RUSSELL. We are right up there at the 7100 area on the NASDAQ. From 7093 and 7100 I will be very suspect. Only the DOW has managed to do anything now. The 26000 level is a major resistance level still. We are not pushing through it, pulling back to it, and taking back off. I would really like to see that on the DOW.

This is all coming from the positive divergence stuff that I was telling you. That is where we were looking for the pullback. The channels on several of the indices are causing us grief. We are still not able to break key resistance levels on the channels. That is what we are going to be watching next to see if we can have some more fun.

This day was a story of intraday trading. The market was basically going back and forth. I was looking for selloffs when the market had been going down. I wanted those fresh sell signals. Those could lead to some quick spikes to the downside. There was a really nice positive divergence. Target 1 and 2 were achieved there as well. All this back and forth led to some very good trading. I grossed about 1000 there. That is just great because that is another 1000 dollars gross. I told you that I would show you what I am doing with the trading rescue package. I wanted to show you all live with real money.

Another thing that came with our Market Monday class was around NVIDIA. We fired of sell signals quite some time ago. One of our student viewers asked if I should sell it or get out now. You can all see the sell signals with the trader rescue package. The initial and secondary targets were there. I said that if we got through that target to look for a whoosh. It dropped a lot once it broke through that runaway zone.

We potentially might have a little push up right now. We had actually had sell signals back in October. All of November was basically a big sell down to target number 2. We didn’t get the runaway to the downside at that point. It hit targets one and two, had sell signals since that, and dropped roughly 80 dollars since those things happened in the month of November.

Now people are asking me about selling it. The sell signals were way up above. It was even higher here on the monthly chart. It was there from an investment perspective and swing trading perspective. There were lots of indications there. The monthly chart is still rallying. If it going to have any sort of bounce, here’s where it would happen. If this market pushes through this 147 area, It could have much deeper problems.

If you are selling, you are supposed to sell where the sell signals are. You can see warnings were way up there in the upper 240s on a weekly chart. The monthly still was in the 200s. This had quite a run from there. There was around 100 dollars plus to the downside after the sell signal. If I woke up out of a coma and missed these sell signals, I would want to see if the monthly could hold.

If you haven’t already done so go to because we are in the last couple days to get this Trader Rescue Package at the greatly reduced price. You will see that on the website. There are so many bonuses that come with that. Get signed up right away!

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