Great start to the trading week

Ok, Welcome back gang! Let’s go ahead and take a look at several things. First thing is first, after the last video that we made for you, which was right before the BBT Super bash. Congratulations to all of you that came to that last week. That was phenomenal, there were massive amounts of people here on our property and different hotels where we did a bunch of training with videos crews. All sort of fun stuff drones flying around, cruises, what a big several day event! I hope we are recovered and recovering!

You recall after the video I left you guys with here, I talked on this day, where I said look, we have this bar. Going down isn’t the easiest path. I prefer that it goes ahead and breaks above that high to look for a move back into the channel and that’s what it did. So, it had a nice move to the channel and then of course resistance and gravity took back over again. That leads us into this week now. We are still l down below that 27,000 level here.

So, in general, after retracements, we are going to get those volatile nasty retracements, because of bars like that. Well, then we look for fresh shorts. As we walked in the door here the plan was that if we could get down here below 1,500 on the Russell for instance. Nasdaq, we want to get down below 7,600. The Dow wanted it to get down below 26,000. These were all things I was looking at in my live trading room. On Market Monday’s we do Q&A and live trading together, that’s what I was doing this morning.

We basically getting down below those key areas. That ultimately led to really great opportunities on the short side here. So, I grossed about $2,600 bucks this morning Into today. Some of the key things we are looking at now. This goes back to what I was saying. We have to be focusing on these markets. That’s why I have all these. You know I don’t do any trading on these DOM’s typically unless I’m like doing some type of student event. When I’m trading for myself, I am trading the bigger contracts like the S&P for instance.

This morning I wanted it to get down below that 7600 and I wanted it to get back down below 1500. That’s why I wanted this one here, live and in real-time watch those looking for trading opportunities. The good news is, those end up coming here. You will notice here form an ITP perspective, that’s my institutional trading pack. We went ahead and fired off the sell signals that we like to see. So, there is kind of a certain follow-through that we like to heave here where we see certain types of DOTs kicking in. Then what we do is after the double dots we like to see a single dot here. And these dots are a lot of strategies coming together. It led to a really nice move on the higher time frames, and you can see the exact thing happening here on the lower time frames. The big dots here firing off, then a single little dot, and then the double dots down below. You can see our dual momentums, dual triggers, all these different things that come together to get those super high probability setups.

For the Institutional trader pack, it was massively powerful signals taking place there. And then on the Trader Rescue Package here, you can see here as well. The same thing. We also went ahead and had a nice sell signal. What is nice is that It stalls out initially at target one and then went to target two. Bounced through target two pulled back and then started to take off. We know that right there can lead to runaways and sure enough, the market went ahead and pushed down.

All this contributed to great opportunities the kind you see here like your 2600 gross profit. Lots of great moves and re-entry type of opportunities. Small lot and large lot traders alike. Really great stuff there. In the days to come certainly, I would prefer, based on where we are at below the Speed lines. As long as we are below the speed lines, I would look for fresh continuation shorts. That would be my favorite trade. Because the path of least resistance is lower. A lot of room and a lot of gap opportunity to push down. If we get down through these key areas. Let me just kind of re-highlight those in a different way.

I want to make sure everyone gets this; it is so important. As we are down below these levels that I am highlighting here, I really want to go ahead and just be focusing on fresh short side opportunities. I will look and some select intra-day opportunities. If the hourly charts begin to pull out of their nosedive and start turning back up a little bit. But right now, below those levels I just drew for you there, I really want to be focusing to see if I can find a fresh additional short. Because you can see there are a lot of opportunities, and we saw some of those opportunities a few days ago.

Those are a couple of things I am looking at there. Keep your questions coming in their gang. Again, thanks for all of you that came to the BBT super bash. If you missed any of those great things. Don’t forget that next Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday we have the three-day intensive. This is for people that went ahead and couldn’t come to any of the other events that we did over the last several days. This is an online event that is a three-day boot camp that involves trading and training in the morning and more training into the early afternoon.

It starts each morning Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of next week. That’s the 19th-21st. So, if you didn’t already sign up what you can do is one of two things: You can go to become a better trader and then you can read all about it. All the features that come with the insider membership. You can have two choices here. You can either just come to the three-day insider online and get the recording of it for a $497 one time fee. Or you can come it as a BBT insider member, and it is $197/month for that membership, and It includes a whole bunch of other benefits that you can get access too.

You can go ahead and once for the classes or you can get the class and a whole bunch of other benefits for a lower price of $197 per month and comes with other trading session and everything else. Really great stuff there. Go to . Get signed up for that. WE only do those once a quarter and we will be doing the next one here coming up now on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of next week perfect timing to get your self signed up for that. Let’s see what kind of fun thing I can get myself into here during that trading event there.

Today was about $2,600 gross profits. Let’s see what we can do there next week and I look forward to having fun the rest of the week as well. Take care. Stay safe. Look forward to seeing you at the BBT insider three-day intensive event next week!

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