More Great Swing Trading Action Coming From These Markets

Okay gang, welcome back! Oh boy, exciting markets just getting more and more exciting as things go along here! If you haven’t been checking out the Swing Trading Videos you might want to do that.

Look at some of the recent things we’ve talked about: LinkedIn, Pandora, Yelp, and Apple… Apple did a great job of giving some fantastic options strategy information that I was looking at last night with the strike price and such. That would have been very beneficial for people as we went into today’s session. As we look into the other instruments we’re focused on here in the nightly videos, the 1.39 was a big deal, a key issue, a key area we’re focusing on. You’ll notice we did actually pop through that area today. So hopefully you’re trailing up your stops on those trades and you follow through. The reason why we were looking at this after the retracement we call Got-You-Trade and then the push back up here looking for that break through the 1.39. If you missed some of the information go back and watch last couple night’s videos there, they’ll help you out.

As far as gold is concerned, we’re watching Gold kind of percolate a little bit under the 13/20 level. I’d like to see us break above that 13/20 level till we get too excited about doing things. Right now this area of support resistance, not a lot to do with it at the moment.

Crude Oil popped up a little bit today while markets slowed down but in the end it didn’t really go very far because we were trapped in a lot of My-Key resistance levels. So what we want to do is ideally break down below this accumulation area, remember that’s 98/70, I’d like to break down below 98/70. Or get back above 102 before doing too much with Crude Oil once again.

As for Equity Indexes, great stuff today coming off their highs and just settling in their lows of the day. Really excited about that! We’ve been talking about the daily and the weekly levels on the Russell, I mentioned that the Russell is and continues to be key here. It’s going to be closed near the lows down below the 200 day moving average and everything is just kind of coming down like a ton of bricks. There’s a lot of opportunity in this as we take a look here. The daily perspective, there’s no real key support here for a while. And even on a weekly basis we see there is a support down here in the 10/93 area. 10/94, that’s going to be the next major support level. What I really like about this is we get way down below that area we got quite a ride to the downside. As you can imagine id really love to see this thing sell off and sell off hard. Opening up a whole new host of opportunities.

A lot of great stuff in that brings us back to the things we were talking about picking some of these different ones. We were looking for sell offs in Swing Trading Videos and boy do we continue to go ahead and see it in spades. Great stuff so make sure you check out the Swing Trading Videos as well. For all of you, have a great night! Look forward to seeing you into tomorrow. Keep in mind these key levels that we’re looking for break outs and break downs because they’ve been working extremely well. If you have any questions let us know at and we’ll see in the Live Trading Room tomorrow morning or tomorrow night’s videos. Don’t forget we have a bunch of events coming up for you both live and webinar based in the next week or two so stay tuned for those. We’ll get you the information and look forward to see you in those. Take care everyone, have a great evening!

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