What A Great Trading Week, And Next Week Is Going To Be Even Better!

Welcome back! What an exciting week. What a great way to end. As I was popping out trades in the live trading room as well. Great stuff using the strategies that I talked about in these videos all week long. Let’s hit a couple of highlights.

AAPL is still down below the long term resistance. Not a great re-entry opportunity yet after the initial one that I gave you guys previously. We’ll be watching that to see if we can get above that long-term resistance, that would be great.

TSLA is very bullish. I’ve been talking about it in the swing trading video. It had a nice pop up there. We’re going to look to see if we have some continuation.

For stock index futures, the strategy on the VIX has been flawless. It’s a great strategy of mine. I told you it was all about staying below the 15 level and pushing down toward the 12 and that’s exactly what we did. We initially gapped up and that caused the market to open down and then the market drove decisively toward the downside pushing toward that 12. That led to bullishness all morning long. As you can imagine, we were focusing on long side trading. As you know, I’ve been very bullish. As long as we’re below the 15 level on the VIX pushing toward the 12, I’m looking for long, long, long.

There was a nice reversal on the European session. We talked about it in some of the videos. That closed right near the highs on the day. Going into next week, we had a pretty good run today on the VIX. What I’m going to be looking for is, a gap up here or pulling back down at the open or we may end up having a gap down and reverse. What’s going to be key here going into Monday, I’m going to be looking at this 13 level. Are we below 13 pushing toward 12? If we gap down and push back up that would be problematic. I want to be below 13 pushing toward 12 or lower. If we’re pushing toward 15 then I’m going to be looking for some shorts. It’s a very profitable strategy as people have seen in the live trading room. This is working really well. It’s a strategy that people can hone on to and do very well with it.

Whether you’re a student or guest, I’m looking forward to helping you. It’s going to be an even more exciting week next week as people saw me in the trading room taking some different trades than they’re used to seeing me take as these markets are giving me some great opportunities.

I’m looking forward to seeing you in Monday’s live trading room or in the nightly videos. Take care, everyone!

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