Did you see what happened with ADBE? You have to know these strategies!

Okay, welcome back, everybody! I hope you guys had a phenomenal Father’s Day weekend and a great summer weekend here. So, really great stuff. If you recall before I did the special events last week on Tuesday and Saturday I went ahead and I shared with you Adobe and the reason why I shared Adobe with you was because we went ahead and had a breakout above the high here. Also setting up then after the words we had a reverse inventory retracement bar which you break above the high of that for a fresh reentry. But with what we call the Trader Rescue Pack that went ahead and had fired off a signal right back over here. A red dot in an uptrend – you break above that red dot that’s a fresh buy signal. Then, right away right thereafter we went ahead and also had what we call reverse inventory retracement bar. Right after that, we had a classic inventory retracement bar. Then we went ahead and had another classic inventory retracement bar, another classic inventory retracement bar, and then we have reverse inventory retracement bar. Each one of these points and I talked to you about the video in advance and then you can see what happened we broke out above that high, we broke out above that high, we broke out above that high, above that high, above that high, above this high, each one of those was fresh reentry opportunities in this and all week long in the video I did last Monday night the video I went in the class on Tuesday, the video I did Thursday night, the weekend class that I did for you – every time I kept you abreast every step of the way how this was continuing to go ahead and fire off fresh signals and now here we are today after kicking off the original signal at 405 we just hit 446 today. So, $41 move here in a little over a week and roughly a 10% move in this stock all using this strategy that I shared with you in advance and then went ahead and took off very nicely from that time and so whether you have the Trader Rescue Pack which gives you the earlier warnings also gives you targets there for instance and things like that or whether you were just going ahead and trying to use some basic tools on your own and then combine it with like the reverse inventory retracement bar, classic inventory retracement bar, classic / reverse all these different tools there or if you’re just watching these nightly videos and saw this you wouldn’t have had numerous opportunities to benefit from that information.

So, I hope that really hit home because we put to multi-hour classes together for you last Tuesday and last Saturday. I said it in advance and then you were able to watch it happen and that’s the power of learning from somebody who actually trades in the market, who actually is involved with the market – isn’t just an internet marketer and actually knows a little something about trading and what I’m talking about and so it’s really important. I hope that day you guys took lots of copious notes, several of you said you did take copious notes during those different classes last week so then it should allow you the opportunity to apply it to your favorite instruments, take a look though Adobe’s a classic case of what I said in advance and then you saw it play out there afterward with the classic IRBs, reverse inventory retracement breakouts, Trade Rescue Package there sung this from the beginning that was the very first signal that fired off and then took off here and now we’re up near target one so a really great point now a lot of people have the opportunity to potentially take profits in that area, reduce their size and be in a much happier place. So, I want to make sure that’s connected with you.

Hopefully, we’ll do more classes like that into the future and stay up to date! Keep an eye out for when we announce special classes like that. That class I did for you last week applied to all traders and I’ve done that probably twice in the last six months so really important to stay up on these, stay up on the strategies and, of course, the Trader Rescue Package is just such an important piece of all that what we showed you. So, you guys have a wonderful evening here! We’ll get you up to date with other market updates shortly but it’s important to follow through the whole cycle what I said before, follow it through during, and then on the back end of it here. So, you guys can see the whole process in action, all right? Have a wonderful night! We’ll see you in upcoming videos. Take care, everyone! Bye-bye! English

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