Something Happened To Rob Today That Doesn’t Happen Very Often

Welcome back everyone!  Much of the day today we had some inside bars on the NASDAQ.  We were able to punch above.  We also got the NASDAQ mojo going in advance of Apple earnings.  We are still an inside bar on the S&P.  However, we are holding well above key support.  We are holding right into key support on the RUSSELL.  We are holding in the kill zone on the DOW.  The DAX has taken a real hard hit lately.  That has held on to key long term support.

You are noticing a theme here.  There are a lot of things holding on for dear life into key supports.  This is just a market trying to hold on.  There are a lot of earnings reports this week.

I had something very special happen this morning that you all have to see and learn from.  It doesn’t happen to me very often.  It should be a great learning opportunity.  It is something that can happen on any intraday or end of day chart.  I want you all to watch how I trade that live in front of you with real money.

Go to to get signed up.  If any of you want to review any stocks, options, futures, or anything you are looking to trade I can focus on that.  It is a great opportunity to be very interactive with me.  Again go to to discuss these special things that happened today.  I will also be discussing and trading the live markets as they are happening!  I look forward to seeing you all at tomorrow’s live event!

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