It Happened AGAIN Today With NASDAQ Stocks!

Welcome back everyone! This is an awesome follow up to what I have been telling you the past couple days.

I don’t want to spend a bunch of time talking about the WSI. There are an incredible number of people going to look at the WSI. You can click and see all of the rankings. You can some of these at the 300 level. The speedometer has been rising! What is the end result? The NASDAQ has been on fire! We had AMZN and climbing. A lot of other ones were already climbing too.

You will notice AMZN had a beautiful day today. NFLX also had a nice gap up! It pulled back into the rising support and went right back up the ladder. Twitter has also been climbing as well! Twitter had another beautiful day today too. You need to follow those different numbers to see what is happening there. Go to to check that all out.

I want to stay on the long side as long as we stay above the rising support levels. I really want to stay above the recent distribution bar on the S&P. That would put us right around the 2742 area. I want to stay above that on the S&P. It is not much below where we are. If we can do that, it could give some great opportunities. The RUSSELL was very weak early on. I wanted to see the RUSSELL pick up steam into the afternoon. That didn’t stop me from making 3 trades in the trading room as well. As long as I see the RUSSELL continue to push forward, I will want to continue to looking for long side trades.

You will notice that Twitter pulled back to the rising speed lines and took off like a rocket after. NFLX pretty much did the same thing! If I have really strong numbers that are rising then you are in really good shape.

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