[Next Levels] Here are the next market volatility areas to watch

Welcome back, everybody! Since the last video I did for you on Monday, I went in and told you that the next day we would typically expect a bounce and we did get that bounce. Now, today we went ahead and had another one of these, you see the theme here. The selloff first, getting everybody excited about the selling, only to turn around and halt and reverse. So, going into tomorrow here, I really like to get above these levels you see. Basically the 7600 level on the Nasdaq, 26,100 on the Dow, the 1515 level on the Russell, and the 2895 level on the S&P, DAX 11,800 level. If we get above those levels, there looking for long side trades if we can get above those levels. See if they will push up towards the midpoint of the channel.

Going to the downside here though, because the Nasdaq, the Dow, the Russell, and the S&P are all accumulation bars and that’s after the previous day’s accumulation bars, I’m going to be a little more reluctant on the short side. We have seen what has happened in the past couple of days with those shorts. In order to get into the shorts, I would really prefer to get back down below today’s lows, especially on an intraday basis.

On an intraday basis, these opportunities are kind of a bounding you can see here with my trader rescue package. WE went ahead and fired off the buys here went straight up to target two. Then we went to sells, got through target two, which lead to a deeper push to the downside. We went back to the buy-side and pushed back up. Sell-side here worked, definitely had a pretty decent move there pointwise, for those of you that are familiar with these markets. But compared to some of the other big moves, 7490 down to 7450, that is a pretty healthy move make no mistake about it.

Compared to some of the other ranges that we have gone ahead and had. There have been some better ones here. Then we went back to the buy-side and pushed up all the way to target two and pulled back. The point with all this that there are some really healthy moves on the intraday basis on both sides of the fence right now. I get a lot of people asking me about Apple, Apple, what do we do with apple now. Buy? Sell?

Stocks like Apple here, for instance, we go ahead and look at this. You can see here, just focusing on this recent past. We are right at the zero-line and that’s not what I like to see. I’m going to prefer to look for long side trades above the zero line and short side trades below that. Long side trades back above there. That is the preferred trade choice. Look what’s happening now. You basically have a 50/50 trade here. Its already hit target one. You have a trend that is broken here from the upside. You are nicely above the zero-line here. Which meant good for longs.

But now we are back to this. You have a 50/50 as it breaks down below and potentially becomes a short here. Or does it start to rally back up and then we look for longs when it gets back above the sell signal in an uptrend. Sell signals in uptrends usually ends up being fresh buying opportunities from my perspective. There are a couple of opportunities, but they are not here. If you buy here it is basically a 50/50 trade not really the kind of trade I am looking for. I look for, much higher probabilities than that.

Those are a couple of updates and things to watch for going into the next couple of days trading as it relates to a follow-up video from what I did for you on Monday that followed through nicely. Take care, everyone! I look forward to seeing you in future videos. For all of you that are coming to our special events over the next two days, I’m looking forward to seeing you there as well! Have safe travels here we will see you shortly, Take care everyone!

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