Here’s Rob’s trading strategy from today and you need to know it

Ok, gang welcome back! Well, a lot of excitement here today. So, to kind of summarize there was a lot of negativity going into this morning and I just want to remind people because that’s something we talk about often. When there’s too much negativity in the market I get really leery because there was a couple days of selling Tuesday we were looking for very key areas and you recall in the video I did for you there I was looking for that midpoint of the hourly to break and the bottom end of the speed lines to break and that’s what happened so it led to really nice selling into the afternoon. That selling followed through yesterday, however, we went ahead and we still were in a situation where net we had a lot of — by the way while we’re here, let me just show you something. So, WealthFinder fired off a lot of signals here in this afternoon, even right up into the close but also earlier today led some really great opportunities here early then we’re confirmed by the ITP which then made them really valuable and so that led to some really great trading opportunities, so I grossed about $2,500. I’m gonna show those strategies to you here in a couple of days now. If you go to you can actually sign up for a special class that I’m gonna do next Tuesday evening at 7 o’clock Eastern 6 o’clock CST 4 o’clock Pacific time. So, go ahead and get yourself signed up for that but enough about that for now. What’s is important for the moment is that this goes back to the bigger picture of what I’ve been sharing with you and what we’ve been talking about is this. If you go ahead and remember where we’ve been and what we’ve said for weeks now we’re caught between this massive rising support and massive falling resistance and so on a weekly basis we’ve got the shooting gallery back and forth and on the daily basis, we got the shooting gallery back and forth. So, we’re caught between this rising support and so what one thing you want to watch out for is when you’re breaking down through key supports or breaking out through key resistance if you get negative divergences on the upside or positive divergences on the downside, watch out for reversals. So, that led to some really great opportunities and coming into today when wealth finder was firing off those long side trading opportunities that I showed you a little bit ago and that really opens up the door as we’re holding on for dear life especially when there was all that negativity because what happens is we’re creatures of fear and greed and so the market goes ahead and people hear why the market should go down they get validated by seeing the market go down so they jump in short and then magically they get caught in a reversal, you know? It’s almost like that news is put out there to get people to think differently and then they really should in my opinion that’s why the indicators take out the emotion of the whole thing and so that’s kind of why I trade with technical analysis, right?

So, with that being said going into tomorrow we’ve got a lot of resistance right we’re at on the SPY and soon we’re gonna watch those key levels very closely. We’re holding on for dear life and actually on the weekly chart so far we’re kind of in an accumulation but that’s not locked in because remember the week doesn’t end till tomorrow. So, but as it stands right now, we certainly have a lot of support in this market down here and so, until you get down below today’s lows, I’m not super excited about shorts. I will look for selective shorts here in the SPY and in particularly the S&P Futures is like who I’ll be trading admittedly but a lot of people will take options trades on this and that but so down below 282 into the 278-279 area we’ll be looking for some initial movement and then we get down below that 278 area I’ll be looking to see if we can push and really breakthrough that low here. So, in a bigger picture perspective, this is still that Killzone I’ve been warning you guys about and that’s why I said betting the farm, betting the house, and please don’t ever do that by the way, but that whole analogy of betting big I’m not really looking at doing until we get above those key areas I’ve told you which is the 300 or the 270. In the meantime, there’s some really phenomenal back and forth opportunities here especially if you do exactly what I did. Now the market just closed up here it’s 3 o’clock 3:15 that’s 3:17 so the market closed up two minutes ago so Futures have now closed up but now I’m flat you can see I gross about 2500 plus dollars I’m flat I can go home and sleep like a baby. So, there are these really great opportunities on an intraday basis there and yet we know where the bigger opportunities from the swing trade basis are gonna come or we can focus on some very short-term directional options plays like in the SPY like we were kind of talking about there as well. So, there are great ways whether your individual equity trader, options trader, or a futures trader to go ahead and take advantage and, of course, don’t forget what that being said you know for those you like if you trade the equities you can always focus on like selecting in WealthFinder there the markets you like to trade and look for opportunities or you can create your own custom list of things and then look to see if the SPY fires off or whatever the case may be for potential opportunities there and you do that on a daily, weekly, monthly or even intraday basis which can help some of our short term options traders so a lot of stuff there but in the big picture it’s great having those signals firing off and then get them validated and you know by a culmination of my life’s work with like the IT.

So, what we’re gonna do is, I want you guys to kind of see this and I want to talk through this I want to show you a lot more examples because you need to be prepared. There’s gonna be incredible opportunities. This summer is just beginning, right? This is gonna be an exciting summer – I’ve said that the last couple summers and look what happened they were really excited and this ones gonna be even a bigger deal, right? Because of the reopening, the volatility, the election, the drama, right? Are we gonna go are we just gonna bury our grandchildren with debt? Are we gonna go ahead and give people handouts to stimulate the economy is it gonna be a democrat or republican that’s gonna win the White House in the United States who’s gonna take the house, who’s gonna take the Senate? All these things are gonna be percolating all throughout the summer. Like, what’s happening, are the numbers going up with Coronavirus incredible opportunity – what a time in the world to be a trader and especially this a lot of people are working from home now you know both temporarily in many cases now permanently. So, really exciting time glad you guys are going to be with us. Go ahead and go to I’ll see you this coming Tuesday night I’ll see of course in videos between now and then but I’ll see you Tuesday night at 7 o’clock Eastern, 6 o’clock central, 4 o’clock Pacific. You don’t want to miss that event and you want to prepare – that’s gonna be a multi-hour event that’s not like a quick you know you know 45-minute hour-long presentation. This particular one is a really for like the more serious traders. So, this one is like gonna be like a multi-hour event so bring your food, bring your dinner, bring the family, you know because you’re gonna be hanging out with me for hours during this very special event. So, I’ll look forward to seeing you there next Tuesday night for that and don’t forget the things I’m telling you about because all these different strategies are coming together just like what I teach you with throttling for instance. You know, we had throttling here a little bit earlier and the throttling led to a push and if we get throttling and that means after a pullback we get another push and if you get more throttling during that push then that means that the next there could be at least another opportunity.

So, incredible follow-through and continuation opportunities and I want to show you how you know I was focusing on this market today, myself, okay? So, with that being said again have a wonderful night and we’ll see you this coming Tuesday, in upcoming videos and we’ll see this Tuesday at can’t wait to do it all over again with you guys. Take care, everyone! bye-bye!

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