Here’s A Special Intraday Trading Video Update From Rob, Check It Out Now!

Welcome back gang. This is going to be a quick intraday video update so the opposite of last night’s video. We are going to get a clear concise video out for you this morning.

Here is what we are looking for. We are more focusing on long side trades, executed long side trades, and making money on long side trades. While going into the afternoon this is the key points.

Where we are at right now the NASDAQ is at the key falling speed lines. The Russell is at the key falling speed line as well as the S&P. So what happened here was that the markets held the 200 period moving average supports this morning. The Russel held the 200 day as well. If we get above these speed lines we could actually see a reversion back to the mean, which could lead to some awesome opportunities.

So going into the afternoon, I want to see the Russel to continue to power higher and breach the 15200 level  at this point because of the fact that is where we got up to this morning. The NASDAQ got up to the 64800 area. So if we could break those levels 6480 on the NASDAQ and 1520 on the Russel that gives us our highest probability opportunity for continuation of the upside in all of the stock indices.  In addition, it pushed crude oil up as well. The bottom line is that going into the afternoon my favorite trade is not going to try to short this to the downside. I am probably going to step aside because I do not want to be in a situation like this where I start shortening into rising support and then get my head chopped off. That is called counter trend trading and it does not end well for most traders. I prefer to look for the next long side trading opportunity.  I will be watching the Russel very closely to see if we can pierce that 1520 area that I told you about a little bit ago. Then I will look for long side trades in the S&P and the NASDAQ depending on the size I am trading. The favored trade going into the afternoon would be for these to start to spike up. That’s the path least resistant, shorting the rise in support on the way back down does not make the most sense.

Also, just a quick update if you have not already downloaded the Wealth365 app I am told that a couple of the big prizes, like even some of my $8,500 prizes are going to be given through the  Wealth365 app. The app is located at the bottom of the page on the page and can be downloaded for Apple or Android. In addition, if you have not signed up for the summit yet please go to and get signed up for that so you can learn more about these same strategies I am using to trade like this morning. We will see you tomorrow morning and next week during the summit. I look forward to seeing who the six winners are going to be for my $8,500 prizes. We will see you guys shortly and don’t forget to download the app to be able to get those prizes.

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