We Were Very Honest And Straightforward About Tonight’s Event – Now Here’s The Proof

Welcome back! What an exciting, exciting night here. We’re only a few hours away from our big event here and people are excited about this because they’re ready and excited about real trading. They’re tired of the internet marketers. They’re tired of the people who say “buy here, sell here”. They’re excited about real and proven strategies, which is exactly what we’re offering.

Take a look at this. We have over 2,681 people registered. Over 2,681 people! That’s more than 2.5 X plus than we can even have in the webinar. The webinar is probably going to lock up tonight. For all of you who are serious, we’re going to open it up about a half hour early for those of you who are excited and want to be part of such a special event. What’s nice is that it couldn’t have been better timing. Here we are once again today some of the exact same strategies that I’m teaching tonight kept firing off into the afternoon session. They’re the same strategies that one of my fantastic student family members was taking in the live trading room just yesterday. He groosed $680 profit. They’re the same strategies that I was using in the live trading room myself where I grossed $950. Just fantastic in the real world. It’s not just about trading competitions. It’s about how we can help you and that’s what has everyone excited. I cannot say enough good things. Even with us talking right now, that number continues to climb all afternoon. People are coming into it late. I’m going to put it up early to get you guys in there.

This is going to be a fantastic event. It’s the event of the year for people who are looking for proof, real results and real opportunities. Looking forward to seeing you in a few short hours. Thanks for being with me and this really special thing that we do for people each and every day.

We’ll see you shortly. Take care, everyone!

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