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Welcome back everyone!  Where do I start today because there is so much to cover?  In this morning’s session we talked about if we got down below the speed lines that we would be looking for shorts.  That is especially with all of the negative divergences in place in the various markets.  We did get down below the speed lines and that led to some great short side opportunities.  It wasn’t just the negative divergences or the speed lines, we also tied into the whole VIX process.  I did a whole great class on the VIX for everyone that joined the special event this morning.  You guys got to watch me teach and explain what was going to happen.  I also got the chance to trade live.  It was a phenomenal session this morning.  The brokers were saying about how I am one of the few people who puts it out there live.  Most people out there do not do that.  It was great stuff and I want to thank all the new students who joined.

The VIX was a major part of the strategy today.  I gave some great links on how to access that tool so people could follow along.  13.50 had a lot of bouncing off that.  There is also resistance over here.  I told everyone that we were looking to break through that level and head up towards 14 for short side trades.  Our Champion Setups indicator fired off sell signals and momentum shift breakdown signals.  There was lots of selling to the downside on the one and five minute charts.  There was a news gap in the middle around 9:30 Central Time.  You all have to take a break at that time.  When we are pushing down we were looking for certain types of retracements.  I was following along with people today to help them look for certain types of retracements.  Some of the retracements weren’t giving exactly what we were looking for with small lot traders.  There were no trades in that case.  I showed people how and why I would look at this from a trading competition perspective, a live trading room perspective, and a small lot trader perspective.  I identified within a 5 minute period of time that I felt that this would be a great short opportunity.  I said that it would be something even small lot traders should consider.  Right at 10:30 we locked in the signal.  I identified it as a great short.  It went down around 250 dollars a contract.  It even made it to around 450 dollars per contract.  People got to watch me put the live trading in the trading room.  People got to watch me make money with a trade live on the screen.  They also got to learn a ton about how we put it all together.

Today is the very last day for the Champion Setups special price.  There was also an incredible offer for you guys to join my trading room as well.  One special new student took the time to read all of the great things that they got with this membership.  Go to www.becomeabettertrader.com/20x now.  Read everything that you will get!  It is amazing how many people aren’t sure of all the things they will get access to.  It will be available at the special price.  That comes with 3 months in the live trading room with me.  That is a great price for someone who has won 20 trading competitions.  Some of you have spent 3, 4, or 5000 dollars on week long courses.  Most people end up saying that it is garbage.  You guys all got to see me trading live today.  I am going to get right back into the trading room tomorrow morning and do what I do best.

There are all these different things going on now.  Everyone has been saying to sell of your positions.  People said that Brexit was the apocalypse.  Look at how much higher we are now.  Remember the old adage to sell in May and go away.  If you listened to those, only Wall Street benefitted from that.  I have told you guys that this was going to be a phenomenal year.  The Champion Setups have been firing off great short and long side trades.  I even told people not to get manipulated into the sell signal here.  They pushed it down just enough to trigger a bunch of sell signals without them thinking about it being triggered by a news release.  It ended up going right back up again.  You think that Brexit was a big deal?  Wait till you see what happens now with this election cycle.  What a great time to become a part of my live trading room to see how to deal with this incredible election cycle.  There will be people who are hunters, and those who are hunted.  I look forward to seeing all you hunters with me.  Let’s do some more great things and I look forward to having all of you guys on my team.

Remember go to www.becomeabettertrader.com/20x to get all the great benefits.  There is a lot of ready on that page, but then you can understand all of the great things you will get with your membership.  I think it is a great time for everyone to do that.  I look forward to seeing all of the new students in the trading room with me tomorrow morning.

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