These Ideas Earned Rob Six Winning Trades In The Live Trading Room This Morning

Welcome back everyone! That was an excited day today! Let’s put some of the pieces to the puzzle here. I want to hit a couple quick highlights first.

I am not really focusing on the DAX right now because it is beating to its own drum here. I am finding more reliability and consistency in the U.S. Stock Indices. We can see if they are moving together and so on.

We have rising support today. We held on for dear life today. It is very important that you understand that today. We have the 200 period moving average rising today. We had many accumulation bars and bounced off them. We ended up not bouncing off the same way as before. We are hitting more frequently than before. I am looking at the skipping rock theory. When we were kids we had the water and would skip a rock. It usually has the biggest hits first. It then will get smaller and smaller till it sinks. It is kind of looking like the same kind of thing here. It held on for dear life once again today. We kept bringing it down as far as it could before it triggers computer sells to tank this thing. They will then bring it back from the edge of the abyss. I will want to see if we can break the accumulation. We had accumulation bars and we didn’t end up breaking them before.

We are looking to see what will happen next. Are we going to break down below and trigger some more advance selling? Do we break above the speed lines tomorrow and look for a more major recovery? If it can hold here, there will be a lot of people caught short. That could lead to some very explosive moves. I am looking for the market to tell me which way it wants to go. I said that if we opened up today and everything started to sell off, I would be aggressive to the short side. The favored side was the short side because of the room to grow. That is exactly what ended up happening this morning. You can see this blood red everywhere this morning. All my indicators were firing off sell after sell. That led to 6 back to back trades.

If you aren’t in the Live Trading Room, I don’t know why you would be. We did a very special thing for the people who are new and joining us. You get the special $797 prize and a free bonus month for free as well. If you were in my room today, you saw me do very well. Suddenly this can become an incredible value. Join us right now and become a part of this Live Trading Room. Again, it is $797 for the first four months. This can get you through the summer and your vacations. If you were in the room you saw me make 6 winning trades back to back this morning. What an important time with this market. Join me at I hope to see you all in the Live Trading Room and in the nightly videos tomorrow morning!

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