Important Stocks And Options Lesson From Rob Tonight That You Won’t Want To Miss

Welcome back gang! Well tonight we got a little training session for you here. So, first things first, go to So, this is a very important video to teach a little bit how you can help identify and pick better stocks for long side trading, short side trading, and options trading. On that site as a whole you will see a lot of top news, financial and business news, and a lot of really great articles written by a lot of the best known traders, investors and entrepreneurs of the industry. I am also writing for Wealth365 as well.

With that being said, what you do is when you are looking to pick some great stock plays there are a couple ways to do that. You can look at the Wealth Strength index which is a very important tool. Another one that you can use is to Top News Gainers and Top News Decliners. We are going to talk about news and how to pick top moving stocks and ups and downs.

For tonight, we will focus on the WSI. So, what you want to do is click on the WSI buttons. What this does is it gives you daily, weekly, and monthly information on a lot of different stocks and ranks them.  It is a 0-300 scale right now. We are looking for stocks that were kind of in the middle of the road here and starting to climb up here from the moderately flat or extremely flat and starting to climb up to the upper levels. Usually when I see something like that I am finding my next potential winners here. By the time they are getting to the 300 level that’s really showing areas where they can really take off. I really like watch for the trending signals.

On the downside I am looking at the exact opposite. Things that have been in the 150 areas or so and have started to push down from there usually helps us to identify the best short side opportunities. So, the way that you find that is go to and click on the WSI Market Overview.

Looking at MNST we were sitting at that 150 level and then spike down to the 50 level you are normally in for some pain and we did suffer a monster amount of pain. You will notice that we didn’t really get back above that 150 level and then we get back down between 0-50 level over and over again. It is very indicative of a stock that wants to go much lower.

As we take a look here a DISH. Same thing here DISH was hovering around here at the 150 level as you can see and dips all the way down to 0 and ding dong that was a kiss of death for this win. All t his thing could do it get back around the 150 level and roll right back over and die a horrible death.

Taking a look at XRAY. Very similar thing here. It was sitting around the 200-250 area and rapidly declining very near the 0 level a very strong indication that your in for a world of hurt as well.

Despite a lot of these markets being very strong and going up what can see here with the wealth strength indicator is that the markets were at 150 and consistently trying to go lower.

NTES was at 150 again and then it pushed down to the 0 level and it was very indicative to a stock that wants to go lower.

CELG did the same thing. We were at the 150 level and pushing almost down the 0 level and it was very indicative to a stock that wants to go lower.

On the opposite side, CTXS sitting around the 150 level and then you start to push up towards the 200-250 level and that is indicative to a stock that wants to go higher.  Then you will see it come up and get towards the 300 level and you watch this a lot gang. You will see some of these stocks that get buried around 0 to the downside, buried to the 300 and keep going and going. That is a great way to identify some different stocks here.

Same thing with SIRI. Sitting shy of the 150 level and pushing away going towards to the 200-250 level and that could be indicative to some nice moves on some lower prices tocks like SIRI there.

ILMN same thing. It starts out around the 150 level and then it starts push away to the upside from there and that is very indicative of opportunities to the upside. If we look at some of these price differences, there is a quite amount of money very quick.

CTAS starts around the 150 level and pushes away to the upside and then taking off here very well.

These are really great opportunities here and it all goes back to and looking at the WSI Market overview. You should go back and check it each day to see what ones are pushing up and trending up if you are looking for longs or pushing down and trending down if you are trying to get ideas for favorite shorts.

That is one tool of many different things on as well as all of the news articles including politics. We have liberals new, conservative news, top news, top market news and things you need to know in the world here. So check out and that is your first tip and we are going to cover some of these stock market impact reports and how to focus on top gainers and decliners based on news releases in upcoming articles as well. There is a lot of really great information packed into this very powerful site.

Go to and check it out and I will see you tomorrow morning in the Live Trading Room or in tomorrow nights videos.


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