Important Video About The Market Melt-up and Last Night’s Must-See Replay

Welcome back everyone!  There are a couple things for today.  Thanks for all the great feedback about last night’s class.  The video replay was put up for you today.  The link is enclosed in the nightly email.  Watch that video tonight or first thing tomorrow morning.  It was about Bitcoin and key strategies of mine.  I shared some of the settings for those in last night’s video.

The strategy I have continued to share with you has to do with the melt up.  As long as we stay above the speed lines on the U.S. markets I am going to look for long side trades.  If we get below the speed lines I will be looking for quick sell side opportunities.  I will be on the lookout for all of that.

This is very reminiscent of the late 1990s.  Every day you were hearing why the market was overdone and what not.  The markets would open up in the morning and sputter or just sell off.  By the end of the day they would be off to new highs.  We see a lot of days where we are pushing down just to end up higher.  We are in the same similar phase.

Gold is starting to take off a little bit even though Bonds are still under pressure.  We have a whole lot of resistance.  We are coming right into that level right now.  Gold has started to step away from the Bonds.  I think that might be a little bit of relief because Bitcoin has been under a little pressure since it went public.  Gold has managed to stage some pretty good rallies.  People thought Gold was going to be replaced by Bitcoin.  Reality ended up setting in that it might not be the case.  There are also some people expecting major meltdown in the markets after these lofty nosebleed levels.  Gold could be the flight to safety.  Gold is popping up right now.  Keep in mind that we are coming up to some key resistance levels that will need to be negotiated with.  I want to make sure you are all aware of that.

We are pushing through that 175 level on Apple.  As long as we stay above that we will be looking for some fresh long side opportunities.  I want to see if that can push towards 200.

We got through the 200 dollar level that I have been telling you about.  I said that if we got through that level that we could see a melt up.  That is exactly what is taking place.  If we stay above the speed lines on that as well I will be looking for long side opportunities.

We did hit my 1300 dollar target on Amazon.  Now I am taking a pass here at this point. I want to step back and see if we can make that level support.  I said that before with the 1000, 1100, and 1200 levels.  I wanted to make sure that we were pushing through those levels.  Now we are having the first test of 1300.  Let’s see if it can hold that and take back off as well.  As long as the melt up stays in place, and we stay above the speed lines, I will be looking for fresh long side resumption trades.  Let’s also keep an eye on Gold as people get some renewed interest in that as well.

Don’t forget to watch the special training class that we did last night.  That is available till tomorrow morning around lunch time.  You guys have a phenomenal night and weekend. I also can’t wait to see you guys at the Wealth365 summit next week!

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