A Very Important Video From Rob Today – Please Watch

Hey everyone! First of all, this is a very important video tonight for not just the information on the front end but on the back end of this video. Please take the time. If your time is limited, at least watch the back-end of this video. Let’s get right into the analysis.

As the markets are closing up for today, here’s basically the strategy. We had an unusual situation today and it’s called quadruple witching expiration. That’s where the market index futures, stock index options and stock futures expire, which can result in volatility. What happened instead was very odd. As the VIX was going down, so was the cash SPX. As the VIX was going up, the $SPX was going up. They normally are supposed to be inversed where one goes up, the other goes down. We used it as a strategy today. We got to back off until the $SPX going down and the VIX rising is supposed to happen. The SPX was really pretty weak today but not as bad as the NASDAQ. Once the VIX actually started rising and the SPX started falling, then we turned our attention over to the weakest of the markets at the time, which was the NASDAQ. We look at this and you can see that even now as we’re looking at the end of the session, the NASDAQ was taking a pounding. We had an inside day on the DOW. The Russell originally popped up above and then came down leaving a distribution bar. The NASDAQ actually came down on the low of the day and closed the speed lines. That put us under a lot of pressure today. With that one being the weakest and we saw the VIX going up and the S&P going down, we came to the NASDAQ to take advantage of it to focus on short side trading in the live trading room and that worked out.

On the bigger picture going into next week, we have the Electoral College so pay close attention to that. It can cause either positive or negative volatility. If there’s any sort of strife, which there doesn’t look like there will be. Unless there’s a mass exodus, it doesn’t look like it will change the outcome for President Elect Trump. We shouldn’t see any issues there. We’ll also see what happens with China in the next few days. Right now, the way I’m going to play it is I’ll be looking for short-sides if we’re below the speed lines and if we’re above the speed lines on all four stock index futures, I’ll be looking for long-side trades. As far as swing trades going into next week, a lot of markets are at key support and key resistances. I’ll share more about that going into next Monday.

If you’re taking the time to watch this video, it means a great deal to me and hopefully it will mean a lot to you when you’re done watching this. If you know me, you know that I have three wonderful kids. I have my son who is a U.S. marine then I have Mackenzie and my new baby Logan. I have three healthy kids and I’m really blessed. I’ve come to realize that not everyone is so fortunate. Even this most recent time when we were in the hospital, there were kids being born unhealthy. We got to see the parents walking around with stress on their face. That’s a fraction of what happens at St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. Since I’ve reached a critical mass around the world, I want to use what I’ve done for good. So a few years ago, we created the St. Jude’s charity event in my company name but it’s really my family that’s spearheading it. We’ve raised $34,323. Many of you donated thousands of dollars. My long-term student family members have gave as well as some who are new to us. I’m fortunate and not so many people are. We all have a personal story that we can share from someone close to us.

I made this very special event and I’m hoping you’ll help me help St. Jude. In turn, I’m going to help you. If you’re willing to donate $100 or more today, first of all, I’m willing to give you 25% off virtually all of my products and services. I’ll also give you a chance to win me at your home for a day coming this Monday, January 9th. I’ll come to your home Sunday and spend all day Monday with you. If you don’t have room for me in your house, no worries, I’ll get a hotel down the street. I’ll give you 25% off if you donate $100 or more off of most of my products and services – even private mentorship if you meet the requirements. If you don’t see something you want here, give me call and we’ll talk to you directly about it.

It’s a phenomenal opportunity. Remember, it’s for 25% the normal published prices. It does apply to all donations made to St. Jude through our link below between now and December 30th of this year. If by December 30th at 1 p.m. ET, you have to make that donation. I also will have to notify the winner and book the travel to get out there. I’ll be at their house Sunday 1/8/17 – 1/9/17. Anybody in the world who is eligible but the winner must reside in a country that currently has no U.S. government safety restrictions.

Two final things to remember, once you donate, please email us at support@becomeabettertrader.com with your receipt and let us know what you want to use your discount. For every $100 you donate, your name will get entered again to win me for the Win Rob For a Day. 100% of this money is going to St. Jude. Every donation matters. If for some reason you absolutely can’t donate $100, please do. For donating to this worthy cause, please send me a copy of your email donation and we’ll still invite you for doing anything to a special live trading event on Tuesday, Jan. 19th at 8:45 a.m. CT. Please consider as being as generous as you possibly can be. Hopefully, you can become the next lucky winner, which can be priceless. I just really want to see you do whatever you can to increase your opportunities to have me at your house. You’ll still have the 25% opportunity no matter what. Help me help you. On January 13th of next year, we’re raising our prices of virtually everything on our website. What a great opportunity to get what you want from our website now and help St. Jude.

I’m very blessed to have my wonderful children and want to help those who have not been as fortunate. Merry Christmas, happy holidays and we’ll see you soon.

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