The Important Things To Know And Watch After The Last Few Market Sessions

Welcome back everyone! Before I get started, I wanted to give a special announcement. You probably know we made the Inc. 5000 fasted growing companies list. Due to that, we are going to be switching to a new email server. There will be a new look for our emails as well. Keep an eye open for those. You should see them starting Monday. Make sure you check your other email locations like spam and promotions. They might end up there because they will be coming to you from a new location and the same look. Keep an eye out for that!

I have a tale of two markets today. Today was an inside bar on the NASDAQ, the DAX, and the RUSSELL. The S&P and Dow were charging ahead today. The RUSSELL kind of stalled out with an inside bar. The NASDAQ actually closed more than 50% off the high. That created a distribution bar in the NASDAQ. I will talk more about that in a moment.I warned you about this on Goldman Sachs before. I really want to get through the 240 level to the upside before I get warm and fuzzy about further long side opportunities. We further failed and pulled back. We have to watch this level. It initially pushed the market down yesterday. That led to some big accumulation bars. We came well off the lows yesterday with accumulation on many of the key indices. That led to a nice follow through today. Goldman Sachs has been doing good, but not great. We have to get above 240 to breathe a little easier.

I have been watching the Wealth365 site. Many of my tools have went into the WSI. I like to find some of the outliers here to separate the longs from the shorts. That helps me get away from the middle sections. My ITP indicators have been firing off like crazy on AAPL. APPL has continues to do well and charge ahead. We are still focusing on fresh long side trades in key markets. It is a very select market type situation right now. Goldman Sachs needs to do better as far as its performance goes.

Going into tomorrow I will be very interested to see what happens with the RUSSELL. Do they regain these levels and above the daily speed lines? That would be very bullish. If the other markets start to come down because they are over, I will look for short side trades. There is a much bigger picture though. Some of those things I just explained. If I am looking for fresh resumption trades I will be looking at my ITP and the WSI for assistance. You can find the WSI at There are great articles there as well. Make sure you all check that out!

Don’t forget what I said about checking your email. Make sure you look for our new look email. Take care everyone!

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