Important…Are You Ready For Next Week’s Trading With Rob and John?

Welcome back! We have a lot to talk about after an exciting Friday so let’s get right into it.

First things first, the Euro has now had a two-bar break down into the channel so it’s going to be very important what I’m looking for watching this 110 level. I want to see us pull back a little here showing that area up above the channel is now resistance after the two bar break and then start to roll back over. That could bode very well for lower prices and be great both intraday and swing trading.

As far as crude oil is concerned, there’s not much to do with this one just yet. We still have all of these support levels in the immediate backdrop over here, and we have not had a two bar breakdown so no big trade coming out of here yet.

Gold continued once again in my kill zone – that’s my whole strategy between my speed lines and rising support. There’s nothing to do with this as well as we had talked about.

Bonds is the same situation. We want to make sure we’re flat before the weekend. We’ll reevaluate this going into next week to see if there might be some good shortside trades otherwise we’ll have to get back above Thursday’s high – the inventory retracement bar. We have some work to do.

The real fun stuff right now is in the stock index futures. I told you the other day to watch out for that. I told you that Wednesday and then Thursday we exploded. Today we got to follow through with just a fantastic day in the live trading room. It was really great how we handled this today. We had some resistance that was above us on the Dow and some resistance above us on the Russell. We were stuck with some key resistance on the S&P. Our focus this morning was staying out of the chop. As we went along that I told you what I was looking for. We have the consolidation and the roll out of this or the roll up from this because you don’t know which way it’s going to go when it’s consolidating sideways. What happened was no sooner than I get done sharing that strategy with people, it turns around and actually happens. What’s great is we had the inventory retracement bar breakdown simultaneously on the two minute and five minute chart allowing the momentum shift breakdown. For all of you who came out and watched me in Vegas I taught these different strategies as well as the reverse inventory retracement bar breakdown. You can see my indicators were all firing off on the sell side. Colorado John got right in there and ate that right up. This is where he went ahead and went short and grossed $320 on that trade right after we got done sharing that strategy.

Speaking of Colorado John, for all of you who were having a great time with him last week in Vegas, we have a special event this coming Monday for you to be a part of. That’s going to be Monday, October 26 at 9:30 a.m. PT / 12:30 ET. It’s going to be myself and Colorado John – a 71-year-old retired trader of mine. He has an incredible story to tell and has had incredible success here. When he gets behind the trades and pulls the trigger personally, he just does some fantastic things.  He uses really tight stops with my work.  He also has great entries as you saw a few minutes ago using my work.  You can see where he entered with the breakdown bar.  It does not take much like you all saw in my trading competition.  It doesn’t take much to add up real fast with these kind of trades.  Make sure you join us Monday.  If you can’t join us Monday, feel free to send in questions to  If you are a student you will be able to watch the video later.  For everyone else, try to be there live.  In the end submit your questions in because we will start with those question.  To register for this you will go to  That is what you are going to want to type in.  Also the link will be in the special update section as well.

Don’t forget as we are wrapping up that special offer to join the live trading room that so many people joined up on the offer and were not disappointed.  We had a fantastic last couple of days since you guys have joined.  You came to watch my executions live, or seeing what Robert I and Colorado John are doing with my work.  Also to see how they manage stops differently and how much tighter as small lot traders.  They are able to manage these wonderful and successful trades.  It is great for you all to see that.  Because of that we made that special offer for you guys to be a part of that.  You do not want to miss that because you will be kicking yourself later.  As I have told you before, and it is very serious, how many trading competitions do I have to win and how much money do you have to lose before you join me.  It is time.  You have to be a part of this.  We are doing all of these incredible things.  We are also having wonderful and successful student family members coming in and showing how they are using my work.  You will get to see it from my perspective and from the beginner level.  Therefore no matter who you are, there will be something for you in this fantastic live trading environment for you.  So join us now at to get to that page.  The link will also be in the special update as well.  I look forward to being with you guys for a fantastic fourth quarter.  This is even going to be a better quarter than the summer time one.  I look forward to you all being with as we head into the fourth quarter.  Let’s make sure that we celebrate our successes.  Don’t forget to be with me and Colorado John to ask us both questions as you are going through that transitional process.  Also don’t forget to join us in the live trading room through the special offer.  Have a great day.

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