Incredible Market Today And Tomorrow’s Event Of The Year

What an exciting day here this morning.  Right off the bat in the live trading room we were able to break down below the inventory retracement bars in the NASDAQ, DOW and the S&P.  Friday the RUSSELL went up on its own.  There were no real legs for it to continue up.  Things got nice and aggressive to the downside.  That led to some fantastic trading.

This is real exciting because instead of going through all the different markets for you guys, we will focus on something for a moment.  This was from the live trading room this morning.  We are going to be talking about some of the same strategies that were used during live trading room hours that yielded $680 gross profit.  We will be talking about those kind of strategies going forward and into tomorrow’s night.  They were awesome and inspirational for the trade alert that I put out earlier today.  That trade was flawless and we came between two ticks of that 1183.50 level.  It kept rolling back over and firing off sell signal after sell signal from the things I told you to look for.  We will be covering a couple of those in tomorrow night’s special event tomorrow.  That will be with myself, and Davide Biocchi.  He is an international trading champion who won numerous awards.  That includes a three month long trading competition.  We will be doing some incredible stuff and we have not done something like this ever.  Actually, there has not been anything like this at all.  This will be a great opportunity for you all tomorrow night.  I want all of you guys to see it.  If you are not in the live trading room, it will be extremely important.  If you are live trading room members, if will be great reinforcement.  We will go ahead and see all of you tomorrow night.

Make sure you go to for this incredible event.  You will see myself and Davide presenting and all the methodologies and strategies that we will be looking for to find these great trades.  Again go to to make sure that you are set.  You will want to come in as early as possible because this event is going to be full.  That is not hype and that is actually fact.  It is actually a reality because of the thousands of registrations.  It deserves to be locked up because this is something no one else in the world has been able to match or do.  It will directly benefit you and your trading, that is what is important.  Forget all of the awards, because what is that going to mean to you?  That will be at 8 PM Eastern time.  We will continue with the great market updates after this excellent event.  I look forward to seeing you in tomorrow’s very special event.

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