Incredible Trading With The Kill Zone Breakdown We Told You About! So Now What?

Welcome back everyone! Let’s take a look at this incredible trading session. I also want to talk about what has led up to this. Let’s play some catch up on what has been going on in the past couple days.

We had negative divergences. That is where we were making higher highs in prices but not in the underlying indications. We also talked about Goldman Sachs being the lead. I talked specifically about the 240 and the 245 levels in this market. We were waiting because it kept trying to get through the 240. It ended up doing that in one day. I wanted to see if it would continue through the 245 level. It instead locked in a distribution bar. Instead of having a two bar break, it just went back to sell. It got under the 240 level and made that resistance. The rest was history.

This also created a head and shoulders too. It broke through the neck line there, pulled back to it, and then came back down. It ended up becoming resistance again. So goes Goldman Sachs so goes the market. Goldman Sachs was under a great deal of pressure. There was sell signal after sell signal.

We worked down below key support. The RUSSELL was actually going down. We also had negative divergences on the other markets. The RUSSELL ended up leading the way. It couldn’t get above the 200 day moving average and ended up dying a horrible death. The other markets tried to hold on at the 200 day moving averages. There was a quick bounce. I told you all to watch out and that if it didn’t break out above the channel it could roll back over. That is pretty much what happened.

I told you after the big down day that I am expecting a slight up day. That is exactly what we got yesterday. It actually ended up getting into the speed lines. That is usually the target price. It also locked in a distribution bar to boot. We held the key resistance levels. We also fired off fresh sell signals again. What was the plan then?

There were some long side trades right out of the open. I did 6 short side trades and one long side trades this morning. I had some really great buy signals this morning. That ended up topping off. I was looking for the indicators to fire off sell signals again. I ended up shorting like crazy. This move might not look like much. However, if you count the number of points involved, you are talking about well over 60 points of movement. That is around 300 ticks.

We fired off 6 short side trades. You can probably see why. There was massive selling there. The daily and hourly charts were down. We also had beautiful sell signals on the Institutional Trader Package. Everything worked out beautifully throughout this process.

I will still be looking for trades into this Friday afternoon. We would have an accumulation bar back-to-back with a distribution bar. When you see that you are looking for a breakout/breakdown. I will be looking to see if this rolls back over and becomes an afternoon selloff. If I have enough buy signals, I might take some of those. The sell side is the favored side with all the pressure from above. The sell side gave us 6 winning trades this morning live and in front of people. The sell side was a little easier because everything was coming down on us like a ton of bricks.

A lot of great stuff has really come together. A lot of the things I was telling you guys in the recent videos has really come together. That was a heck of a way to end Friday morning. I might do some more trading into the afternoon. However, I’m really looking forward to what might come. If the bar locks in as such we could have distribution back-to-back with accumulation. That would really box the market. It could tell the market whether to breakout/break down.

This is a beautiful time to be a trader. I used the same trading strategies as well. I combined this all with what I taught you all at the Wealth365 Summit. This is such a great time to be a trader. Let’s have some fun heading into next week!

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