What An Incredible Trading Session! Here’s What You Need To Know

Welcome back everyone! This is the final day with the final mentorship group! This has been an awesome time with awesome trading. I want to continue with the fun tomorrow morning.

We had great support and resistance. There was all this rising support that we held. There was also resistance that was above. We had an outside type of situation. The highs and lows overshadows those levels. This is referred to as key reversals down. I want to see if the market can open up and push back down. That could be more encouraging to the short side.

I was focusing on the short and long side trades today. That is why it is so fun to be a trader. Some swing traders have to sit on the side line during this stuff. We are at a super critical point. There are just Doji Stars getting wider and wider. It is offering up lots of opportunities on an intraday basis. That is exactly what we were focused on today.

You can see a lot of different sell signals here. It was pushing down further too. There were also buy side signals pushing up as well. They were getting to target 2 and beyond. That led to some nice runs. There were great trades both to the long and short side today.

I also want to talk about some of the meat in the middle type entries. These really apply to day and swing traders because the charts are fractal. I want to see the same types of setups on day and swing trading charts. Tomorrow’s class is going to be very special.

I will be talking about a lot of these things. I had to rush through things at the Wealth365 Summit because I ran out of time. Now we are going to have the chance to go through all that. Go to www.becomeabettertrader.com/class now to sign up!

You guys all have a great night and I’ll see you all in the morning!

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