International Trading Champion, Rob Hoffman, And World-Renowned Trader, John Person, To Present Their Best Position And Swing Trading Setups

Summary: Following their very successful joint presentation at the 2013 Las Vegas Money Show, International Trading Champion Rob Hoffman and world-renowned trader and author John Person are teaming up for another special training event. Serious traders should set aside time immediately for this must-attend live webinar event.

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) May 29, 2013

After a powerful joint presentation just two weeks ago in Las Vegas, International Trading Champion Rob Hoffman and world-renowned trader and author John Person are teaming up again, after rave reviews, to teach their best swing and position trading setups in a live webinar event.

This special educational training event is scheduled for Wednesday, May 29th at 7:00 PM CT, 8:00 PM ET. Serious traders and investors should not miss this joint presentation as it will contain information that will benefit both novice and advanced traders and investors. Many students of their previous course have already commented on the dramatic and positive change in their trading.

While only recently teaming up to share their complementary trading strategies, this dynamic duo has already drawn quite a crowd to their events. Their techniques are quickly gaining recognition within the trading education community; however, their primary aim is to help each student to Become a Better Trader.

“Working with John these past several weeks has been very exciting for both of us,” says Hoffman. “Our teaching styles couldn’t be more complementary, and it feels like we’ve been doing this together for years.”

Student feedback has been remarkable for the pair, as their offices continue to be flooded with calls asking for more joint training and seminars. What started out over dinner in Paris has now flourished into a remarkable training team where the students are really benefiting and learning how to trade.

Person brings 33 years of varied trading expertise and experience to the table, along with Hoffman’s 18 years. The two have very different stories behind their rise to the elite ranks within the trading community. It is likely that their varied pasts contribute to the complementary style they present when working together.

Anyone interested in attending can register for more details and information on this event, as well to receive priority notification of all future events by visiting

About Rob Hoffman

Rob Hoffman is Founder and CEO of Become A Better Trader, Inc. and an 18+ year veteran of the financial markets. Hoffman is a Professional Trader, frequent speaker for the major financial exchanges, commentator on market and instrument direction. He is also as highly skilled educator and passionate mentor to tens of thousands of students from around the world, an International Trading Champion, and consultant to institutional clientele as well as aspiring traders.

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Become A Better Trader Inc. provides must-have educational resources in the area of Futures, Forex, Stocks, Options, and ETFs with a focus on both intraday and swing trading strategies for both short-term and long-term traders and investors. Clients range from aspiring traders to institutional clientele requiring private consultation.

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