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Good evening! Listen, today was a fascinating day. A lot of the techniques that I’ve shared with you over the last several months have gone ahead and converged once again today. We had the NASDAQ which really caused the markets a lot of grief today because we were pushing through the speed lines three out of four of the indices but the NASDAQ was just not able to sustain it today. In fact, you can see that the NASDAQ, the Russell and the S&P closed right at the speed lines. That is no coincidence. Only the DOW managed to eke out a small gain above it.

It was really great to see as we watched the transitionary factor in this morning’s session where we started to see where everything was starting to top out. In fact, you can see the Russell from this morning (this was right about 10:30 Central Time). I was starting to actually see signs to where instead of drifting up we were starting to get sell signals come in here. We had a great deal of room back to some of the most localized key support levels. Sure enough that led to this market going ahead and actually nose diving this morning. Going back to that theory that we’ve talked about a lot where the markets tend to stair step up and then they kind of take the elevator down and then, like a bungee cord, snap back up and then roll back over giving some great additional sell-side opportunities.

We kind of saw that whole thing happen with the Russell here. It gave out and then have a nice deep cut and came back. It all started with that technique of identifying those sell signals and seeing what was happening on the daily charts holding on those speed lines. So, lots of great stuff here today.

You guys have a great night and we look forward to seeing you in tomorrow’s event or Thursday morning’s event or in the videos tomorrow night. Take care!

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