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Welcome back to another exciting day. Today started out a little slower because there was a lot of chop coming into the US open, but we waited patiently we had a plan, we wanted to get down below the 1080 level in particular and for extra executions the 1078 level. So the 80/20 Rule breaking down below that for short-side trades. Took a little bit of time, but going into the afternoon this thing let loose which was fantastic and closed right near the lows. Keep in mind this area that I have highlighted here which is in that 1080 area and through 1078, this is a long-term level here going back to the daily charts just here you can see these inventory retracement bars going in line and how we came right down to those areas and held previously.

On a weekly basis you can also see not only those inventory retracement bars but you can also see from different perspectives you have inventory retracement bars just last week. You even have this long-term rising support as well. All of these different things on the Russell. Now if you recall earlier this year I mentioned that for the first time in 18 months we had a negative divergence in our core trigger within itself was a sell signal. Several of weeks of selling by us in the trading room we pop back over here and we break over the higher highs while my indicators had lower highs which was indication of more weakness. What happened was these highs kept getting sold and now here we are on the edge of abyss and if we break down below this area we have a great deal of opportunity for much deeper corrections. This was already fantastic today, October already firing off multiple shorts especially in the afternoon here.

The breakdown that we were so patiently waiting for finally happened, so great stuff. Now as we go into tomorrow we’re already going to be setting up near the lows. I will watch for possible rejections off the support again, I won’t look too much in the way of long-side trades below these speed lines though I would much rather look for continuations to the short side so if I wake up tomorrow and I see that opportunity for further selling you can bet that I will be there. You can see that from this area as well. Lots of room to grow to the downside here, below this inventory retracement bar which will also be a momentum shift breakout and we also have a fast trigger trade. Lots of signals and we’re going to be focusing on any signs of continuation on the downside. I will be all over that for further shorting and see if I can expound on the trades that I made today. Also from one more perspective on this I wanted to show this from a monthly perspective as well once again my inventory retracement bars there as well, even on a monthly basis is a very fractal method of mine. We also have rising support from that and breaking down below this can lead to much further downside. We’re all at or slightly below key major support levels, could be watching this developing story very closely because this could lead to so much greater trading. We already talked about it being a great time to be a trader.

We’ve seen so much great trading since I’ve come back from the international trading competition. Very concisely and consecutively following these great trading opportunities.

This Thursday Infinity Futures wants to celebrate my 3rd international trading competition win in a row, because it was a great deal across multiple spectrums. The link is at the top of your emails and we’ll have a pop-up for it. As fate would have it the Money Show servers have gone down after we sent out the email so they were inaccessible after that. They should be good.

Will you see Rob in Toronto on October 16-18, 2014 or in London from November 7-8, 2014? They switched it from a trading competition to a Live Trading event which is something I’ve never done where I just sit there for an hour and trade in front of people for trading purposes and also see how much money I can make. I’m going to be doing that in the event in Toronto. Join us in London, UK as well. I will also be at the Las Vegas Traders Expo as well. Couldn’t be a better time to be a trader with the Russell going well and hitting these key levels. Looking forward to having you guys on the ride here with me. Take care everyone and have a great evening.

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