Key Instruments We’re Watching And You Should Too

Welcome back everyone!  Let’s take a look here at two markets that are very much on my mind.

TLT is something I am watching very closely.  Today is only Monday, but it is an inside bar of last week.  Last week was also an inside bar of the previous week.  This highs are getting lower and the lows are getting higher.  This thing is really congesting here.  I want to see if this can get a more meaningful break out / break down.

You are seeing the same thing on the Gold.  Today was an inside day of Friday.  Friday was an inside day of Thursday.  We have daily charts that are coiling up.  We also have weekly charts that are coiling up as well.  The tighter and tighter we get, the more likely we are to have a huge snap from that area.  I am watching the daily chart in particular for any signs of snapping.  That could lead to more macro level of snapping, like we saw on TLT.  That could all be an indication of the markets.

As long as we are above the speed lines, I am really focusing on long side trades first.  If other markets are down like this morning, I waited for the markets to popup for long side trades this morning.  An example of that was the NASDAQ this morning.  I have noticed that the NASDAQ and S&P have been strangely coordinated with each other.  That is how I am playing it on a day by day basis.  I am looking for the major spikes up.  Remember that volatility chart I showed you last week?  I am looking to be a buyer of volatility going forward.  I want to see where the VIX will end up.

Gold and TLT are all key instruments that could be watched right now for telltale signs of market direction.

I look forward to seeing you all at the upcoming summit.  This is already changing the way the industry is doing things for wealth building conferences.  I am really looking forward to being alongside you guys.  Go to right now to register for free!  I look forward to seeing you guys at all of my events.  We will also see you in the morning or tomorrow night!

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