Key Levels And News That Every Day And Swing Trader Needs Right Now

Welcome back everyone! I wanted to get this video out before the FOMC meeting today. I want you all to understand what we are looking at in the big picture. The videos that I left you with the other day are still very much in play. We have had the three distribution bars up on top. We also had the two accumulation bars down below. We are stuck in a break out pattern here. We are effectively coiling up right now. It is just getting tighter and tighter. We are looking to get out of these areas now. We have FOMC coming up this afternoon. We are going to be watching to see if that helps. The last couple of days have been pretty of ugly for any forward progression. This could all lead into some great trading in the upcoming days. I wanted you all to have these levels.

The S&P and DOW have very similar patterns going on. The RUSSELL is trying to peak its head on top. The NASDAQ is kind of stuck in the middle. I am really looking for the easy path here. Currently, that is looking like it might be the DOW. That will be the first thing I will be watching.

I will also want to keep up on the news as well. Go to to see the news that has poked its head out right now. There are things like impeding tariffs and stuff. You will want to stay on top of all of these types of news. There’s stuff here for stocks, futures, options, real estate, politics, personal finance and more! There’s even a ton of exclusive news that you cannot get anywhere else. Go to to check it all out!

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