Key Market Levels Now And Avoiding Costly Mistakes In The Interest Of Saving A Buck Follow-up From Last Video

Welcome back everyone! This is a very important video. Let’s start with a couple more important things.

I hoped to get this out earlier today. However, we were focused on a lot of different things at the time. I wanted to make sure that you still have these levels because they are still very important.

The 7500 level on the NASDAQ is super important. We have been struggling the last couple weeks. That continues to be a key area. We also locked in back-to-back distribution bars at this key area.

We have multiple distribution levels. We are making higher and higher prices overall in the markets. We are also making lower lows down here. There are negative divergences taking place here. That is very important to keep all of that in your mind, especially if there are pull backs.

You will notice that the 25600 level on the DOW. That also locked in a distribution bar today as well. We are only a stone’s throw away from breaking down below the speed lines. That could accelerate moves to the downside. You will also see that we had a higher high in price and a lower high on the trigger. There are also IRBs on the RUSSELL and S&P.

That basically means that we have a lot of selling at key levels. The 1700 level is a round number resistance area. That still needs to be beaten. Every time that we have pushed through that level and pulled back, it sits there and fails that area. You can see that we have key resistance levels. We are also facing negative divergences as well. That could be very important over the next couple days. Does this market surpass the distribution bars? That could be very bullish. Does it fail this level and roll back down to the speed lines? We are only a few ticks away on some of these. I am going to be an equal opportunist from a trading basis. That will also help from a directional basis on swing trading as well.

I did a very important video for you the other. One of my traders was using a free charting tool. This market had gone up and long since locked in buy signals on my charts. It was up very high. His free scanners picked up the buying very late. Where were they long before this? I was encouraging people to trading tools and strategies that they like. Ones that they can get comfortable with. It doesn’t have to be mine. I have some very powerful ones. Those are my ITP indicators. I am looking for a combination of green dots, yellow dots, single dots, double dots. I want these momentum indicators to fire off. That sounds like a lot. But it really isn’t.

That is a culmination of my life’s work. It is a bunch of my courses all put into an indicator package. Where you see the black dots, those are the buy signals. That is the break-down level right there. There are so many different elements to consider.

We had all of that firing off the other day. We had the green, yellow, double green dots and more. I explained that we already had buy signals firing off at that time. That was around the 1857 area. We had already got up to 1862. A few days later we fired off more buy signals yesterday. We fired off more signals today as well. This is the daily chart now. On a multi time frame basis. We had many different buy signals. This isn’t after the fact analysis. You can see how the market did at this time. There were some very nice run side opportunities. There were over 20 dollars of opportunities today and yesterday.

These indicators aren’t even available publicly yet. They were only made available to our Live Trading Room students. Those are the people who are the most serious. People have been giving great testimonials about them.

The key is to find the tools that you like. You can use them for your trading. Make the investment in your trading life. It is a serious business now. Using free scanners and tools to find trades that have already gone up setups you up to be the last person to know. By the time you hear about it, mainstream media makes it time to go the other direction. It is building upon that theme.

This is a great follow up video from the other day. It is very important to be on top of all of this stuff. Would you rather have a free tool that gets you in late? Would you rather have a tool that can get you in nice and early before the next big wave? Those are the major questions to ask. Sometimes free can cost you a lot of money.

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