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Welcome back gang! I want to look at a handful of issues today. I want to remind you that I said to watch the RUSSELL today. I wanted to see if it holds, recovers, or breaks down below the 1675 level. You can see what happened today. It held that level and pushed back up. That allowed the other markets to recover. The DOW and NASDAQ pushed up. I will talk more about that in a moment. The S&P pushed through the massive distribution. That is because it held that important level I told you about. I want to see if it can march up and do the same thing.

The Bonds right now are in a pretty ugly place. I am watching the high of today and the low of yesterday as key breakout / breakdown points. Those are my thoughts on the past couple days.

People have been asking me about Crude Oil. We had the inventory report today. There is a negative roughly 3.5 million barrel draw down beyond what was actually expected. The market was bullish and that led to some long side trading in the Live Trading Room. We are really trapped on a daily basis. We are trapped in the middle of the channel. We still have falling resistance below us and rising support underneath us on a weekly basis. Before considering anything, I would really like to get above the 7120 area.

You recall that I constantly showed you Some of my tools and strategies are in there. You can check out the top gainers and news decliners a lot during the earnings season. That is based on the big news releases that are coming out.

We have also been seeing Facebook. It was around the 150 area. It has steadily been climbing from that area. There have been several great days through the Wealth365 Summit. That started much lower like Amazon is right now. It started to work its way out. I often explain that it is what we are exactly looking for.

Apple has now been steadily rising. Google has been doing the same thing. That led to a nice breakout! We now have Amazon armed with all that information. I am going to look and see if that can push through the 167 rating on the WSI. I want to see that get into the 240 or better area. That would be ideal for me. I would like to see us break above that weekly high. That is a big fat distribution bar set last week. The number has been climbing on the WSI. You can also see the markets pushing on. If we can get through the distribution from the previous week. That could bode well for Amazon.

Make sure to check out to see the breaking news and tools! You guys have a great night!

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