Key Tech Stocks Not Matching The NASDAQ’s Performance

Welcome back everyone!  The U.S. Stock Indices are performing well again.  I am very quick to short these markets.  I am really focused on the long side when we are above the speed lines.  That continues to be the best course of action.  You will see that we did perform very well on the NASDAQ today.  The NASDAQ itself is powering ahead.

AAPL is not doing the same as the NASDAQ.  This is a theme I want you to see.  176 is a key resistance level.  I have been telling you about the 200 dollar level on NFLX.  That continues to be a major resistance level as well.  The 1200 dollar level is the key resistance level on AMZN.

We are currently below the key resistance levels.  There is a bit of disparity between what is happening with the underlying index and some of the key underlying major players that are stuck below major resistance levels.  We want to break through the 1200 on the NASDAQ, the 200 dollar level on NFLX, and the 176 level on AAPL to see continuity here.  Otherwise we will just watch for the next shoe to drop with the negative divergence forming.  If we get down below the speed lines, I want to really get aggressive short.  That has worked out well in some of the other days that we have gotten below.

These key players are at some pretty important areas.  I am looking to see guidance from them.  If they fail those key resistance levels, they will fail miserably.  We hit that 1200 level and couldn’t hold above it.  I wanted to see it break through, pull back, then take back off.  We could not do that right there.  It ended up having an $80 drop.  You are basically set on dead money for roughly a month or more.  We want to get beyond that!  I was looking to have us get above the 1100 level before.  I wanted to see the same break through, pull back, then take back off before.  I wanted to see it show forward projection.  That is what you want to see.

I can’t wait to see everyone in the Live Trading Room tomorrow or in tomorrow night’s videos!

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