Learn To Trade From Rob During This Weekend’s Charity Event

Well, hey gang, welcome back everyone! Just a little update, it looks like we are going to be out of pocket going into next week. Baby McKenzie is set to be born on Monday, unless some tests that we had yesterday don’t go so well, because there is some cause for concern, then baby will be coming this Friday. So, we’ll keep you in the loop on that as best as we can, but expect that Ryan and the Team will be taking great care of you, at some point between Friday and Monday of next week as we bring baby McKenzie into the world. So, great stuff there. It’s a very exciting time as you guys can imagine, and I’m kind of wondering, of course, what’s going to happen with these tests and stuff. Will it be Friday? Will it be Monday? All that kind of stuff, but we’ll keep you posted. As we go into the evening, let’s look at a handful of different Instruments that we want to focus on and some key points that will help you learn to trade more consitently.

First of all, as far as the Euro, nothing’s changed on the Euro since last night, which is kind of great. It’s kind of great to see all the analysis we’ve put into place, continue to hold. It just shows the viability and the efficacy of what we do and how important it is to our trading.

The same thing as with the Euro, everything I told you in last night’s video about Gold came true again today. You see, we held there, in those key resistance areas I drew for you, and if you don’t remember what all went into this, definitely watch last night’s video because it’s really important to show you how I drew all those key support and resistance levels and why this area we’re facing right now keeps getting rejected.
Same thing with Crude Oil. It’s just great. Over and over and over again, each and every one that we are looking at kind of did the same thing. The Crude Oil held the key support, held the key resistance, and we just stayed kind of trapped right in that area today, despite the weekly inventory reports. Everything I told you in last night’s video as far movement and the key areas to break and that, continues to hold true in tonight’s analysis. And, that’s what’s so important about all that consistency.

As we go into tomorrow, then, let’s focus on some of the key things from the Stock Index Futures perspective. As we can see, here, the story is going to be all about the Stock Index Futures, once again, tomorrow, as it was this morning. My focus, being on long-side trading this morning because we could just not break down below the speed-lines. The same ones that held us so well yesterday, continued to be a factor today. And, so, the focus is on long side trading into falling resistance. As we walk in the door, we have three out of four of these Stock Index Futures sitting here, still in what we refer to as the “kill-zones”. I can see the Dow made it right to the bottom end of the support today. We hit about three layers. This was actually our target on the day for, like, the Russell was the 1141 area. We got right up to that target and actually closed fairly close to that target, as well, from this morning’s Live Trading Room. So, it’s great to see all that come to fruition once again, as well. And, finally, the S&P poked its head just above the resistance, here, but closed with a pattern that usually ends up resulting in the next day being down. So, you’ve got kind of a Hoffman Fade, Stochastic Spike, Crooked Finger sell. We’ve got kind of an over-extension M-Pattern sell, we’ve got a lot of things going on, there. A whole bunch of different types of sell signals, so, statistically speaking, after a day like this, the next day is going to be down. Now, if for some reason that does not happen tomorrow, than you can bet I’m going to do exactly what I did this morning, which was focus on those long-side trades. So, if the sells don’t sell, maybe it’s time to buy. The best thing that could possibly happen, is this open up and start to tank and look for short-side trades. The second best thing that could happen is we open up, we pull back just slightly in the morning to get all the shorts trapped in, and then we start to rocket to the upside and watch that short-squeeze in action. I’ll accept either one of those opportunities going into tomorrow, with the understanding that, statistically speaking, normally after these Hoffman Fade type days, historically, what we see after these is a retracement back down to some degree. With all that being said, that is going to be the game plan going into tomorrow.

Learn To Trade From Rob This Weekend

Another thing I want to make sure you guys all got today, is the fundraiser I sent you. You guys know, I do a lot of charities; military, children, women, animal charities. A lot of different charities that we do throughout the world, and here we have a special one that’s coming for this weekend. This Saturday, I’m going to be a part of a group of 17 traders, each sharing some strategies and helping you learn to trade. It’s a completely non-sales event. The only thing that you’re asked to do is donate $25 to this cause. Toni Hanson, hopefully many of you know of her in the industry, as well, she has fallen ill and to help cover some of the medical bills that aren’t being covered, a charity event has been put together. So it’d be great if you guys are willing to make a $25 donation to this process. We’d love to have you as part of this event on Saturday, where myself and several other traders are going to be speaking, sharing some of our favorite set-ups, and again, nobody there should be doing anything but educating you. And certainly, of course, you know me. I have my commitment and that’s exactly what I’m going to be doing. So, I’m going to be there sharing my key thoughts and strategies, answering my questions from you guys to help you out in any way I can, in return for helping Toni during her time of need. She’s a mother, trader, author, and all around great person, so it’d be great if you guys could help me help her during this time of need. The sign-up is in the dedicated email we sent you earlier today, and then there’s a little sign-up link in the special update section of your email tonight. I’d love to have you be part of that and learn to trade using my strategies. I’ll be speaking at 1:30om ET, so 12:30 CST, on Saturday, and even if we have our baby on Friday, or if we get ready to have our baby officially come on Monday for the surgery then, I will be doing this event, come heck or high waters, and I’d love to have you guys be a part of this as well. Have a wonderful night everybody. Thank you for staying with me to the end, and I’ll look forward to seeing you in the Live Trading Room tomorrow morning, in tomorrow night’s emails or videos here, and of course, otherwise, hopefully at this event on Saturday. Take care everyone have a great eveing!

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