More Live – Real Money Trading Tomorrow Morning With Rob Hoffman

Welcome back! On a positive note, I’m an uncle! As you know, we raced off to Colorado because there was some complications but the baby is healthy and mom is healthy. On a less exciting note, we want to extend our thoughts, prayers and sympathies to everyone who was affected by this terrible tragedy in Las Vegas. Know that many of us are with you.

As we turned our attention to the markets, it’s important to note that the strategy that I shared with you multiple times when bad news doesn’t make the market go down, that’s exactly what I was focusing on this morning. In the live trading room, I was focused on long-side trading. With exception of the NASDAQ is continuing to hold mid-day. Every day is a learning opportunity whether we get the trades or pause. It’s important knowing when to trade, when to push and know when to back off. No matter what happens tomorrow morning, I want you to know that I’m with you guys. Hopefully we’ll have another continuation blow off day which will be fun to watch me trade.

I want to invite you guys to watch me trade tomorrow morning to watch live trading. I do trades live on the screen in front of you leaving nothing to the imagination so you can see exactly what I do live in my real money account. Whether we have a continuation day tomorrow or a consolidation those are equally important. Most of us can make money if the market is going straight up like a rocket. It’s going to be real important no matter what happens. We’ll look at my favorite swing trades and yours as well. There will be something for everybody. Go to Get signed up for that for tomorrow morning.

Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers. I’m very excited about being an uncle. Also keep Las Vegas in your thoughts.

See you in the morning.

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